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Hubbard Street Dance Chicago

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Hubbard Street Dance Chicago is celebrating it's 25th Anniversary Season at Chicago's amazing Oriental Theatre. There are three (not completely) different programs over a three week span.

I saw Program A - "International Masters" - Sunday, March 30, 2003 - 3pm

"Jardi Tancat" (Closed Garden) - 1983 - by Nacho Duato was quite beautiful. I enjoyed the performances of Patrick Simonello and Taryn Kaschock especially.

"Passomezzo" by Ohad Naharin - 1989 - is a pas de deux to "Greensleeves". I did not particulary like the choreography though I thought Cheryl Mann was very beautiful.

"Super Straight is coming down" by Daniel Ezralow - 1989 - was not my cup of tea at all, though the dancers performed it well.

"Cor Perdut (Lost Heart) - 1989- by Nacho Duato was next.

Program note: "Cor Perdut" is a pas de deux inspired by the Catalan version of the song "Bir Demet Ysemen: by Maria del Mar Bonet. The two dancers bring to life Duato's corporal and expressive language, set to the syncopatic and hypnotic rhythm of Tunisian percussion instraments. This particular interpretation is based upon a theme with traditional nuances composed by Armenian M. J. Berberian. "It's no use crying/it's no use dying/desire is stronger/it goes it's own way", laments of Maria del Mar Bonet. Her hypnotic power on Duato -- who created "Cor Perdut" as a birthday present for the Majorcan singer, is unquestionable."

I especially like the dancing of Massimo Pacilli in "Cor Perdut".

Kylian's "No More Play" - 1988 which has been given it's Hubbard Street premiere this season, was danced with no pause before "Sechs Tanze" (Six Dances) - 1986 - which seems to be a Hubbard Street signature work. The company performs it brilliantly and often.

Other stand out dancers today were: Shannon Alvis and Joseph P. Panteleon.

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