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Marc Haegeman

Dutch National Season 2003-2004

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I reported this to a friend who responded that de Leeuw has a twin brother. Perhaps that is whom you saw?

Hi Leigh,

excellent sleuth work! I called DNB staff and indeed Boris DL has a twin brother who happened to be at the Rotterdam opening night. (And I bet Boris pays him to stand in the lobby quaffing drinks, so that people like me think it's Boris. Just kiddink!)

You know, I have seen this a couple of times at this forum - people checking claims and getting closer to the truth. It's a very special thing on the internet, which, alas, thrives on rumor and hearsay.

BTW as I called DNB I also found out my favorite corps dancer, Rosi Soto, will be promoted as of August 1. It's like she's got three brains: one in the usual spot, and one in each foot. She's got the smartest feet in the entire company. I'm so happy for her.

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