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Three premieres by the Kirov Ballet

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The Kirov Ballet is bringing three premieres this April: Nijinsky’s “Rite of Spring” (reconstruction by Millicent Hodson and Kenneth Archer) and Nijinska’s “Les Noces” (April 12), and Lander’s “Etudes” (staging by Josette Amiel) (April 17).




All three ballets will be shown on the Kirov’s tour to London next Summer.

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Thanks for the news, Marc. Has "Les Noces" already been danced in Russia?

I wish Josette Amiel could stage "Etudes" again for the POB too, as they haven't danced it in years (while it used to be one of the main works of their repertory)...

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Estelle, "Les Noces" has been danced already by the Mariinsky. In June 1997 new productions of both "Les Noces" (choreography by company member Alexei Miroshnichenko) and "Rite of Spring" (choreography by Evgeni Panfilov from Perm) hit the Mariinsky stage. I never saw these versions, as they thankfully seem to have disappeared as quick as they came, but according to all accounts they were appallingly bad - terrible choreography, obscured story, ugly costumes etc. It was one of the more painful attempts of the Mariinsky to cut a profile as a "modern" company. At one point Bride and Bridegroom in "Les Noces" were performing fouettés.

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Nijinska's 'Les Noces' received its Russian premiere in June 1995, in St Petersburg's Moussourgsky (Maly) Ballet troupe. The event was part of a multi-day symposium on Nijinska and the Diaghilev Ballet Russe. I was there...as were a few other lurkers to this forum. ;)

As far as I know, 'Les Noces' did not remain in the Moussorgsky Ballet's repertoire for very long, although it received an enthusiastic reception in its first outing.

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