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Niels Bjørn Larsen has died

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I just received word today that Niels Bjørn Larsen, one of the great Danish mimes, and a former artistic director of the Royal Danish Ballet, has died. There's an obituary in today's Politiken, but it is not available on line (that I could find). He was 89.

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There's an obituary of Larsen in the Guardian today (by Mary Clarke, a long-time RDB watcher)

Danish master of dance and mime

I would take a small exception to Clarke's comment that "his classical techniquie had suffered during the time with Schoop" [a pantomime company with which Larsen was associated briefly] and note that Larsen was never a classical dancer. He was a character dancer, a mime. (And proudly so; it's what he wanted to do.)

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