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French Ballerina


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Last night I was watching on Classic Arts Showcase a portion of the Prologue to Sleeping Beauty. It was Nureyev's production staged for the Paris Opera Ballet and was filmed in 1999. The ballerina portraying the Lilac Fairy danced very beautifully: her pirouettes and line were gorgeous. Does anyone know the name of this lady?



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Melissa, that's Marie-Agnès Gillot, a very popular première danseuse with the POB (Actually, although she is dancing the bits usually assigned to the lilac fairy in other productions, she is not really the lilac fairy here. The real lilac appears later in the prologue (Béatrice Martel)).

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Melissa, Marie-Agnès Gillot has her own web site at:


She's 27 or 28, and has been dancing with the POB since 1989, she was promoted to premiere danseuse in 1999. Since then she has danced quite a lot of big roles, including Odette-Odile in "Swan Lake", Kitri in "Don Quixote", the main roles in "Paquita" and "Raymonda", the soloist in "Rubies" and the main female role in "Diamonds" in Balanchine's "Jewels", and she premiered Roland Petit's "Clavigo", Mats Ek's "Appartement", Kader Belarbi's "Hurlevent" and Edouard Lock's "AndréAuria".

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