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Not live, alas. There is a tape of the Royal Ballet's Ondine -- a condensed version (Fonteyn and Somes) -- which I like very much. It has Fonteyn's Shadow Dance, which is lovely. And the opening, where the movement of the dancers standing on the deck of a ship suggests the movement of the waves, is striking.

Glebb, I think there may have been some discussion of Ondine when it was revived. You might want to do a search on the Royal Ballet forum. It was interesting that when the ballet was new, people felt that the music was unsuited to the theme -- expecting Ashton to make an old-fashioned, neo-romantic ballet. Fifty years later, many felt that the music and choreography were fine, it was the fussy designs that made the ballet seem dated.

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glebb, i was in london at the time of the revival of ashton's ondine, and saw most performances (late 80's). what was it that you wanted to talk about? (sorry if i have been too dumb or too distracted to work that out... :unsure: )

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Thanks Grace and Alexandra. I was searching for descriptions and impressions.

I like Alexandra's recollection of dancers as waves. I am also curious about the famous shadow dance. The original Ondine was Cerrito, correct? I seem to remember reading that she did her own choreography.

We discuss many ballets here and "Ondine" seems a bit of a mystery. B)

I'll try to get more out of Lynn Wallis this spring.

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