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"Soul of the Dance" Award

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At March 4 on the stage of The Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Musical Theater in Moscow, there took place a presentation ceremony/gala for the "Ballet Magazine's" "Soul of the Dance" award.

The prize-winners are:

“Queen of Dance” – Nina Ananiashvili

“Star of Dance” – Sergei Filin, Natalia Ledovskaya (star of the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Musical Theater)

“Rising Star” – Anastasia Goriacheva

“Actress” – Ilse Liepa

“Magician of Dance” – choreographer Evgeny Panfilov

“Maitre of Dance” –Anna Redel (famous show dancer of the past), Ninel Yultieva (artistic director of the Kazan ballet school)

“Knight of Dance” – critic Natalia Sadovskaya, Gennady Albert (director of the Boris Eifman Company), Makhar Vaziev

“Teacher” – Marina Kondratieva, Ludmila Sakharova.

The gala was long but rather dull except for the last 30 minutes – Ratmansky’s “Charms of Mannerism”.

First part begin with two students from the Perm school Elena Nikiforova and Mikhail Martinuk dancing Coppelia adagio. The girl is pupil of Sakharova, the distingished teacher who formed famous ballerinas Nadya Pavlova, Olga Chenchikova and many others. Nikiforova showed elegant feminine style of dancing, beautiful arms and nice foots but she lacked personality.

Marina Kondratieva coached many Bolshoi stars and soloists – Nadya Gracheva, Galina Stepanenko, Nina Kaptsova, Ekaterina Shipulina, new young starlit Nelly Kobahidze, but the performance of her pupils Bogdanovich and Ju Yun Be added nothing to her reputation. Maria Bogdanovich (first year with the Bolshoi) did Diana variation from Esmeralda - no personality and weak technique. Ju Yun Be did Giselle pas de deux with Alexander Volchkov - she was nice but bland, he was romantic and attentive partner.

Irina Golud and Islom Baimuradov from the Kirov danced Carmen adagio - he have temperament but no opportunity to show it, she have beauty and spice but was quite empty inside and no Carmen at all.

The rest of the numbers was even weaker.

In the second part of the evening Natalia Ledovskaya and Vladimir Kirilov of the Stanislavsky Ballet did a number by Alex Ursuliak on the music from Titanic. She is talented ballerina who can make watchable anything so I like it.

Nikolai Tsiskaridze and Ilse Liepa danced Dame Pique pas de deux – both have strong moments but the pas de deux out the ballet was not very impressive.

Last number, Ratmansky's Charms of Mannerism, was real treat and greatest success of the evening! Nina Ananiashvili, Inna Petrova, Sergei Filin and Yury Klevtsov

danced it with great inspiration so it was very funny and beautiful. I never saw the ballet before and I think the choreography is very interesting and talented.

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Marc, "Soul of the Dance" usually given to persons who can receive it in their own hands (or all the awards would be given to Marius Petipa, Maria Taglioni and so on) . Panfilov was killed last year and there was lot of talking about him and he was proclaimed a genius. I dont sure he deserved it.

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