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PBS The Egg Dance Show

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Though it had the unfortunate title "Jack LaLanne's Dance Spectacular" this was a great show!

Not only did it have Oregon Ballet Theatre's quintessential Canfield Muse Tracy Taylor, but also nice sections on David Parsons, Salsa sensation Johnny Vazquez and a loving autumnal portrait of the great Ailey dancer Dudley Williams .

Here's the Egg website which has lots of good features including video from this particular show.


Have a look at the "Peeps" section (yet another unfortunate title)of the Oregon Ballet segment to view the injuries suffered by Tracy Taylor over the last 13 years. It's kind of shocking. I wonder to what extent the mix of hard rocking Canfield choreography (see video for a minor example) and classical pieces contribute to such pain, surgery and deformity. She is an extraordinary dancer who has given so much pleasure over many years. I hope the the price she has paid is worth it. She certainly has been one of the reasons to go to the Ballet here in the rain.

It also raises the question (as SFB lets go of 4 dancers)

of a small company taking advantage of dancers, wearing out their joints because they can't take on a larger company. See Tracy's Interview. I think Tracy is one of those solid dancers who in a larger company could probably dance for another ten years, but may have been over-used at OBT.

Wonder what will happen as Christopher Stowell moves in? I know he has asked to expand the company. I'm sure the Board would love to say yes, but afraid the economy (Oregon has the highest unemployment in the nation) is saying no.

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