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John Lanchbery

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I've copied this over from Links:

John Lanchbery, conductor, orchestrator, and arranger of ballet music, died yesterday at his home in Melbourne, Australia.


Any comments, memories about John Lanchberry? He was the most important arranger of ballet scores in the last half-century. The arrangements were sometimes controversial (what isn't?). Are there successors?

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just a comment, 'for the record' (no pun intended), that i believe the two 'r's spelling (which you used in your post, alexandra) is the correct one, rather than the single 'r' of the thread title... :)

for 'dream', monotones and 'month': thank you for the immense pleasure...

==========(time passing)=========

well i never! both the guardian and the times use one 'r' - i must be wrong! :D

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