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PNB's next rep

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I am so excited!! I will be flying out to Seattle in 13 days!! The countdown is on for the next rep!! I will keep you posted!! I am especially interested in seeing Kent Stowell's ballet !! He is an amazing choreographer! Everything he does...I love !! I am also looking forward to Peter Martins' ballet....Fearful Symetries. I think PNB is an amazing company and this ballet clearly demonstrates the versatality of this great company. I'm counting the days.

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OK I promised to fill everyone in on this past rep and I just returned from Seattle. There was a review in the Seattle Times which I feel the reviewer had to have left early... as there was no mention about the last and most awesome ballet...Fearful Symetries. There was however an excellent picture which captured the intrigue of Jonathan Porretta and Noelani Pantastico. Now let me go back to the beginning. This rep opened with Kent Stowell's ballet...QUATERNARY. With two pianos on stage and 4 couples..it was superb. I had the pleasure of seeing this entire rep 4 times and never tired. Each cast was bright and beautiful. Pleasurable to watch and the piano music a delight. This IS ballet!!! Listening to the audience positive chatter...they always enjoy Kent's ballets. He never dissapoints this audience.After a pause was the big buzz ballet...Scripted In The Body ...choregraphed by Dominique Dumais. It was well recieved as each performance had a standing ovation. Music was simply beautiful with piano and violin.Very unique with a microphone on Principal Paul Gibson speaking about the human body while dancing!! Costumes were perfect...dancers awed the crowd. I've never seen such an unusual ballet. It is so wonderful to be able to see this company perform in such diverse pieces. That is what makes this company so special...they can do it all. And that is for the ENTIRE company. From corps to Principals. the talent here is unmatched! Jardi Tancat...another favorite of Seattle....is performed in bare feet. True pure dance. Carrie Imler is just wonderful. She can transport you to a different era. And back to the finale.....FEARFUL SYMETRIES. I wish that Peter Martins was present to see his ballet performed by this company. He would have been so proud. This company created magic. You sat on the edge of your seat...eyes wide open...watching these talented beautiful bodies dart across the floor...bringing the word alive....FIERCE !!! [snip; edited by A.T.] .BRAVO !! Bravo.... to this always amazing company...The PACIFIC NORTHWEST BALLET. Where talent and technique are combined !! What a gift to experience this rep!!


Note by A.T.:

This post was edited somewhat; the poster has a connection to the company and it is our policy that that must be noted.

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Soloistmom -- I'm glad you liked the program. The Stowell was a substitution, and one of his more successful works. He was supposed to make a new ballet for this program, but like many companies, PNB is having some money troubles and is trying to save where they can.

I thought that Nacho Duato's "Jardi Tancat" was very well danced, perhaps even more than Dumais' "Scripted." The company has had it in its rep for several years, but they've had to replace some dancers in it this time around, and I was very impressed with the level of ensemble work despite this change.

I sincerely doubt that the Time's critic left before the program was over, but the paper frequently has to cut reviews down (for space considerations) and she may have wanted to write more thoroughly about fewer works than give a cursory few words to each dance.

Just an idea.

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Hello, Sandi! (Sandi and I are DCA buddies.) Glad you chimed in, and I hope we'll hear more from you. We'd like to read more about PNB!

I'd add a comment about not mentioning a ballet. I've noticed several papers (the Arizona Republic is one of them) which apparently has such an early deadline that the critic either has to review the dress rehearsal, or leave before the last piece, and notes what he did in the review. But editors are not above cutting from the bottom if there's a space crunch.

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It's actually pretty ironical -- the more "electronic" the process becomes, the longer the deadlines. When reviews were typed on paper, edited on more paper and then set in type, papers frequently ran actual "overnight" reviews. Now, when almost everything is done on a computer and ink doesn't hit paper until the actual print run, very few papers print reviews the next day. Here in Seattle if a show opens on Thursday, you might get a review in the Saturday paper. If you open on Friday (as many smaller shows do, because of theater logistics) you won't read anything until Monday, often after the run of the production has closed.


(hello back to you, Mme A!)

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The situation Sandik describes in Seattle is also the case in New York City. Reviews appear two days after the performance -- but not always. The review of NYCB's first performance of Coppelia late in the winter season did not appear in the Times until a week later, when it was combined with a review of a subsequent performance with a different cast. :confused:

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