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i think there is some confusion here.

j.d'amboise created the male role in balanchine's pas de deux called MEDITATION (but the music is Tchaikovsky's and not the Thais MEDITATION,which is by Massenet and has some well-known choreography by ashton). i don't think kay mazzo ever danced the balanchine duet, and i know of no filmed version if she did.

there is a television kinescope of balanchine's MEDITATION with the first cast: d'amboise and suzanne farrell. this was part of NET dance series (pre-PBS and pre-dance in america), the half hour program called THE NEW YORK CITY BALLET includes the AGON pas de deux, TARANTELLA, TCHAIKOVSKY PAS DE DEUX, plus MEDITATION. (perhaps this is what your friend saw) when it was first aired, 1965 or so.

there is a film, tho' i don't think it's complete, of ashton's MEDITATION pas de deux w/ sibley and dowell (the duet's first cast). this was shown and filmed, i believe, for the DANCER series hosted by peter schaufuss.

i hope i'm not confusing you myself.

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Actually, for broadcast on some variety show or other, d'Amboise did make a ballet to the meditation from Thais, for himself and Kent. While I don't think it was ever commercially released, copies of it are Out There. Although the piece is quite trivial, Kent is beyond gorgeous in it.

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The library has this:

Descript 1 film reel. 6 min. 222 ft. : sd. b&w. ; 16 mm.

Note Kinescope of Bavarian television production.

Choreography: Jacques D'Amboise. Music: Jules Massenet. Performed by Allegra Kent and Jacques D'Amboise.

At first glance, the Museum of Television and Radio doesn't seem to have a searchable on-line catalog.

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these Massentet/"Meditation"/d'amboise leads are much more to the point of this post than mine.

i hadn't heard of this work by d'amboise for himself and partner.

but now i know of it.

if i had done a library search i would have realized this too.

but better late than later to get such info.

i hope this helps the original query, which was wisely posted here and gained this useful information.

perhaps mazzo did dance this. and maybe that too was televised at some point.

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