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Patrick Dupond on a french TV show

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This week Patrik Dupont is featured on a TV show called "The fabulous destiny of ...". Unfortanely, he ins't dancing at all ! :rolleyes: Since Monday, we got to see his parents, Max Bozzoni and his wife. Nothing too interesting. But today, it was fun, because Jean-Marie Didière and Monique Loudières sang together a song whose title is "Mon frère" (my brother), and well they're better with the dance than with the singing ! But at least I think everyone, including them, had a good laugh ! They said that Patrik Dupont would going to help Monique Loudières with her school in Cannes, and that Patrik Dupont 's show about Paris was going to be on a world tour until june 2004.

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cygneblanc, on which channel is this show? (I have no TV at home, but at least I could ask my parents about it...) Did the show also feature his father? From I had read in his autobiography, he met his father for the first time very late, when he was an adult.

I wonder how successful was his singing show about Paris was- when it was first done some time ago it wasn't very successful...

(By the way, I edited the title of your post to change the spelling of "Dupond", so don't worry if it has changed!)

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Estelle, this show is on France 3. I've been watching for the first time this week, and I don't think I will watch it again ! It''s beginning at 20.25 and ending at 20 .55

The show featured his father on monday. Yes, Mr Dupont said he had met him for the first time when he was 36 or 38 (I wasn't listening very carefully !). But his father was there only during 1 mn 30, and he cried, so he only said that Patrick had been a child born from some love between him and his mother (how would you translate "enfant de l'amour "?)

For his singing show, I don't know. I saw it when it was played for the first time (they had a very reduced price for students ) and wasn't convinced by Patrick Dupont's singing. Dancing well is one thing, singing well is an another matter ;)

And thanks for correcting the spelling :)

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