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  1. Thank you, Helene. Yes I think there were rights issues. I was a little out of luck.
  2. Thank you, innopac. On my DVD, Memoire is straightly followed by La Fille du Pharaon. I bought this DVD in 2008 summer on Amazon. The running time written on the box is 84 mins. But (now) on Amazon.com it says 90 mins.
  3. I'm watching this DVD but I can't find Stephan Thoss' My Way(Daniil and his father's duet), neither is it mentioned in the booklet. It's not on the Menu of the DVD, either. Could someone please tell me it is just before or after which piece? Thanks in advance!
  4. Thank you all! Though the film might be sped up a little, but it seems to me that there are still some differences between past and now. When I first watched V.Malakhov on DVD(Variety and Virtuosity: American Ballet Theatre Now), I thought his style was very much like the dancers I saw on Alla Mikhalchenko's Swan Lake DVD, and then I found he graduated from the school of the Bolshoi Ballet. Another time I guessed Valentina Kozlova was graduated from the Bolshoi Ballet School when I watched her La Fille Mal Gardée. When I watched Maria Kochetkova on DVD or Youtube, I didn't find that she really looked like graduating from the Bolshoi Ballet School. I also feel that P.Semionova has softer lines. She is not that athletic or muscular in my opinion.
  5. Thanks a lot! Sorry that I did not say it earlier.
  6. Lavrovsky and Timofeyeva in La Bayadere The movements they did on 9:06-9:08 and 9:36-9:56 really amaze me. And I have also watched some videos recorded in 1970-1980s. Many dancers are ferocious. But nowadays I have not yet seen a dancer spins like Lavrovsky. When I watched the Swan Lake DVD(Alla Mikhalchenko), I didn't find it much like current Bolshoi's Swan Lake. The atmosphere, the movements...they're so different. Why? Today even some dancers have very astonishing skills, their temperaments are still different from those old Bolshoi dancers.
  7. Did people like Kirov more than Bolshoi in 1980s? Are the Swan Lake DVD(1989,danced by Alla Mikhalchenko),and Raymonda DVD(danced by Semenyaka),and Legend of Love DVD(1990) filmed in the Era of Yuri Grigorovich?If they are,I like the Era of Yuri Grigorovich.I like it's Soviet,less fineness,powerful...Dancers were all supermen and superwomen then.Now Bolshoi dancers are normal dancers,not supermen anymore.I like that Soviet style very much.Now the whole world is getting more and more alike.
  8. Excuse me,I don't know the history of Bolshoi.I'm a very young ballet watcher.What did Bolshoi look like before Vasiliev and Fadeyechev?And what did Vasiliev and Fadeyechev do? What did the TIME journalist say? Another question,why is Bolshoi so different from its 1980s?I watched their Swan Lake(1989),Legend of Love(1990),Raymonda(Semenyaka),The Bolshoi Ballet in the Park(1986),Nutcracker(Vasiliev)... ...Now they look very different...What happen?
  9. Please tell me where can I watch his other two ballets! (by the way,Semenyaka is Goddess...)
  10. What's the feature of each ballet company?Royal Ballet,ABT,Paris Opera Ballet,Staatsballett Berlin,La Scala,Bolshoi,Kirov,NYCB,San Francisco Ballet... I especially interested in the difference between Bolshoi and Kirov.I feel Bolshoi and Kirov are so different,but don't know how to describe...So I hope to listen to your opinion.
  11. So glad to meet you,I'm also a Raymonda fan,and I even bought "Les Ballet Trockadero 2" which was danced by men just because I want the Raymonda part.The music of Raymonda is definately my favorite ballet music.It's full of national colour and exotic taste,which is not like Don Quixote's(merely happy). I have read an artical said that Glazunov is at the same level as Tchaikovsky.He is a spectacular composer.But Minkus is just a ballet music composer,he is not so praised in classical music circles.In classical music circles,Glazunov is much more praised than Minkus. Actually,I'm more interested in Raymonda music than it's dance.So I can not say too much about the dance. The music is too good,so I'm even enjoyed when watching men danced it.
  12. Was Osta's long hair in Clavigo DVD her real hair?Or just a wig?
  13. If there are 4 casts,the Solors are 1,2,3,4,will it be 1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4.Or 1,1,1,1,2,2,2,2,3,3,3,3,4,4,4,4? I'm considering buying 4 tickets. Will he dance Jewels and Swan Lake on 16 June to 30 June?
  14. If he dance in Australia,will he dance Solor everyday or not?How do I know which date he'll be Solor?Will POB announce it?Which month will it announce?If POB won't announce,and I really want to watch him dance Solor at least once,should I buy 12 tickets (from 24 June to 4 July)?This sounds a little scary...I can't afford.If he dances Solor everyday,it would be easier.
  15. Where will Karl Paquette dance on June and July 2009? I don't know I should go to Australia or Paris.When will the cast announce? And which date will he onstage? If you know where will he perform,PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE inform me as soon as possible. And I hope I can get to know Letestu's schedule also...
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