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  1. Thank you, Helene. Yes I think there were rights issues. I was a little out of luck.
  2. Thank you, innopac. On my DVD, Memoire is straightly followed by La Fille du Pharaon. I bought this DVD in 2008 summer on Amazon. The running time written on the box is 84 mins. But (now) on Amazon.com it says 90 mins.
  3. I'm watching this DVD but I can't find Stephan Thoss' My Way(Daniil and his father's duet), neither is it mentioned in the booklet. It's not on the Menu of the DVD, either. Could someone please tell me it is just before or after which piece? Thanks in advance!
  4. Did people like Kirov more than Bolshoi in 1980s? Are the Swan Lake DVD(1989,danced by Alla Mikhalchenko),and Raymonda DVD(danced by Semenyaka),and Legend of Love DVD(1990) filmed in the Era of Yuri Grigorovich?If they are,I like the Era of Yuri Grigorovich.I like it's Soviet,less fineness,powerful...Dancers were all supermen and superwomen then.Now Bolshoi dancers are normal dancers,not supermen anymore.I like that Soviet style very much.Now the whole world is getting more and more alike.
  5. Excuse me,I don't know the history of Bolshoi.I'm a very young ballet watcher.What did Bolshoi look like before Vasiliev and Fadeyechev?And what did Vasiliev and Fadeyechev do? What did the TIME journalist say? Another question,why is Bolshoi so different from its 1980s?I watched their Swan Lake(1989),Legend of Love(1990),Raymonda(Semenyaka),The Bolshoi Ballet in the Park(1986),Nutcracker(Vasiliev)... ...Now they look very different...What happen?
  6. I don't know Vasiliev had Don Quixote video.I can't find it on amazon.Where can I get it ?
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