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  1. Maya Dumchenko and Ludmilla Semenyaka. [Edit]: Evegenia Obratszova and Anastaisa Goryacheva kind of look alike, too.
  2. My impression is that Uliana has not danced lilac for quite a while and is unlikely to dance the role any time soon. No point for her to play second fiddle now that she is an icon of olympic status. On the other hand, at least we get Kondaurova and Skoryk as lilacs.
  3. Not to sound too semantic, I think it depends on what you think of as the evil in Odile. In terms of pure "oooooooooh.. scarrrrrry!" Marie-Claude Pietragalla gets my vote. For me, Odile is evil not only because she is on the side of Rothbart and thus an accomplice in keeping Odette in bondage, but also because she exploited the Prince through his best hopes. Deception in Odile is a big part of the character. I respect the Black Swan/White Swan dichotomy, which has its own artistic merits and embodies two basic types of ballerinas, yet dramatically, the story is less clearcut. Tchaik
  4. I am afraid not. Kirov already ran into this problem when it performed at Zellerbach last fall. What is it with American venues and no ramps? Kirov also didn't have one in NYC--eeek! I am really glad to hear that Masha A. keeps pushing the limits. With the exception of Russian Seasons, she has danced in almost all of Bolshoi's premiere productions: from Jeanne to Paquita then to Coppelia--that's quite a trajectory! She always comes across as open-minded (e.g., YouTube has video of her working with Wheeldon) but not too extreme. It keeps her dancing young! Being used to the willowier Ni
  5. That's a rare one. It felt very much like the times when Terekhova was dancing Giselle. I love Alexandrova but I have heard criticisms about her upper body being too stiff and her style too forceful. Is she just being a good trooper for the company (e.g., filling in for the matinee performance) or does she want to try something new?
  6. I still do. So do I. The first time I saw a clip of her Giselle I was momentarily tempted to put my eyes out (but thought better of it and turned the video off instead). Well, I hope you had the chance to see Zakharova once live after that missed opportunity, volcanohunter. You do realize that condemning an artist on account of a clip is rather cheap and doesn't really help anybody? I suppose it's a matter of maturing, and my impression of tackiness partly lies with SZ's early exposure in the major roles. Now a decade later, SZ has come into her own. What if she had been promoted
  7. Thanks Marc! :-) I have been anxiously clicking your website for updates on Paquita. How was the performance? Please do tell!
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