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  1. It would seem clear that the interim team has at least the #1 you mention since new apprentices have, I believe, been chosen and last year's apprentices taken into the company. Am I wrong on this? That was my impression. As to #3, I don't think an AD or the interim team would be dealing with lawyers about this 'complaint'.
  2. Bouder grew up with Jon Stafford. Naturally the position he's in right now would be difficult for her, but you'd think she could be a little bit supportive. "Throwing them under the bus" as Helene put it is unnecessary. I don't think it speaks well of her diplomatic capabilities.
  3. I think it's clear the company isn't running on autopilot, but the areas in Chase Finley's behavior where the interim team doesn't seem to have taken a strong enough stance is coming into the theatre drunk and damaging several floors of a hotel. He probably should have been suspended immediately until he'd completed some kind of rehab.
  4. When a dancer transitions to the position of a ballet master, it can take some time for their peers to accept them in their new position. Someone who used to dance next to you is now in the front of the room and you're supposed to listen to what they have to say. Difficult. Same with the NYCB's interim team. Those people were all very recently dancers in the company. While Bouder's comments are tiresome, they're also typical.
  5. I'm not implying Finlay is innocent. What I'm saying is we don't know exactly what happened here. How in the world did Finlay wind up with those pictures and videos? Is he some video wizard hiding cameras, etc.? It might be possible she knew they were being filmed, but never thought outsiders would see it. We've heard from a lawyer basically - a "complaint". We already know some of it is inaccurate so one wonders what else might not be correct in that document. All I'm suggesting is holding off on judgement until there's more information.
  6. Helene - Do you think the company would have had some kind of insurance that covered the hotel damage?
  7. Alexandra Waterbury would seem to essentially be after two things: revenge on Chase Finlay, in which she would appear to be spectacularly successful, and then a big payout from the NYCB, which I doubt will go as well.
  8. Boy I didn't write that well at all. The last thing I meant to convey was sympathy for Chase Finlay. To the opposite I was trying to say this is obviously a desperately sick person. Assuming those texts are correctly quoted, this isn't just about bragging about sex. This is about anger and hate, about an intent to harm, deliberately.
  9. It interests me that many posts have referred to the "complaint", which means they've read it. Yet no one has mentioned Chase Finlay's mental state. Aside from the gut wrenching texts and videos apparently sent around, the language he uses and the things he says indicate, to me at least, a very troubled person who needs help.
  10. cobweb - Martins wasn't fired. First he took a leave of absence to let them run their investigation, and then he retired. There's a difference. A BIG difference. I also think things are getting a bit creepy if a director can't even put his arm encouragingly around a dancer. How far are we going to go with this stuff?
  11. What's the rush? It would seem a decision of some importance. In the meantime things appear to be running just fine with no need to "stabilize" or "calm things." From the outside at least, things look stable and calm. Many say the company is dancing better than ever.
  12. Sorry - it's Chautauqua. They performed it for a Patricia McBride/JP Bonnefoux performance there after Saratoga. As well you might be cobweb. Who wouldn't want to see that?
  13. Who says Isabella LaFreniere is doing Diamonds? I thought it was clear those rehearsal pictures from Saratoga were preparations for a gig in Chataqua (sp).
  14. You're right abatt - not good for business on both sides of the coin. Not good for ticket sales due to diminished perception of status, but also not good for the reason you're there in the first place. Instead of letting Concerto Barocco sweep you off into another sphere, you're thinking oh there's the guy who was suspended.
  15. Miller was not an apprentice when she did Agon. But here's two examples of ravishingly promising young talents. Who wouldn't want to see what they could do?
  16. Getting a chance, going out there as the Nutcracker Cavalier for one performance, is not the same thing as being a principal. That kind of focus and preparation for one part with one partner isn't always available. And the pressure - mentally as well as physically - to get out there and deliver isn't for everyone, regardless of their dance gifts. There has to be a tough cookie inside.
  17. Those guys mentioned are all so talented and promising, but it's a longggg waaaaay from the back to the front.
  18. Boy you said it Kathleen. Harrison Ball, Harrison Cole, Joe Gordon, Roman Mejia - and others as well.
  19. Even Sonnambula and Prodigal canbelto?
  20. I pretty much agree with Canbelto's poisonivy review. I enjoyed 'Easy' for what it was and thought Harrison Coll amazingly charming and fun. 'Something to Dance About' was more problematical for me because the juice seemed to have been squeezed out of all those numbers. Like they didn't quite make sense out of context. Particularly disappointing was the famous bottle dance which certainly demonstrated City Ballet's elegance and clarity, but didn't make sense without the bottles. The whole point of that dance is balancing the bottles on their heads as they do those steps. For me the highlight was Mearns tearing it up. She may not be perfectly cast as - is it Anita? - but boy did she dance it.
  21. I am told the "See the Music" presentations are very popular with a large number of the audiences. They're certainly informative and well done. But I'm in nanushka's camp when it comes to their ultimate effect which removes the mystery and magic of the performance itself. When you've had the music deconstructed and broken down for you, explaining what's coming and what you're going to see, it takes away from your own experience. These are live performances, so they're different every time, and what they're capable of is diminished by having them broken down and explained. The possibility of being swept away is lessened. It's like when the dancers come out and talk. You see them dance and they're sort of extraordinary creatures - then they talk and they might be charming but something is taken away. And that's the element of magic, of mystery, of being able to do things to us we don't even have words to describe. To me "See the Music" takes away from the experience informative 'tho it may be.
  22. I voted for Manuel Legris for a number of reasons. He grew up there and knows that house inside-and-out. He's smart. He has good taste. I believe he has enough intelligence not to try to turn that place upside down. And I've only heard good things about his time in Vienna. I think he might do it very well. I do, however, think it a bit early to get on the bandwagon about Ms. Dupont. I say give her a chance.
  23. Dance belts Sandik. That's it. So nothing was covered other than their crotch. We all see plenty of nudity these days - it's everywhere. But theatrical dancing is different. These guys were jumping and lunging, squatting, you name it. Nothing like posing for a picture. More than shocking it was disconcerting. As I said, you didn't know what you were supposed to be looking at. Oh well, I'm letting it go. The program had a piece that really interested me so that's what matters isn't it?
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