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  1. This was clearly not well handled, which leads more credence to Bouder's version. I just feel Jon Stafford was caught in the middle and is blameless here. But whatever was done it was done before the casting was posted - which was 2 weeks in advance. We wouldn't know anything about it were it not for Bouder speaking out. I think she made a misstep.
  2. And maybe it's true. But it's also possible Martins thought after all these years it should be somebody else's turn to go first. Or even that somebody else was better suited.
  3. I'm afraid I agree with EJohnson. I also think Stafford might have been deliberately and publicly distancing himself from Martins.
  4. No. I wasn't "last minute" by any means. But Bouder had been first cast of Aurora for a number of years and had been told she would be again this year. That's why it was such a shock.
  5. I don't get how this is poor judgment or an institutional problem. They're not supposed to say anything?
  6. That is correct nanushka. Also, does anyone actually think Jon Stafford would make those statements to the NYT without support? I think he knew it was okay to say those things about the casting, and then he was very blunt about having been blindsided about Martins' trip backstage.
  7. And I think you're wrong. I think Stafford can win. And should.
  8. I don't think Stafford's comments are a sign of weakness, but rather a sign of strength. He's no fool and I don't think he'd have been that outspoken unless he had the Board at his back. My guess is they're going to hire him and he knows it. I'll say again I think it's a shame that this sort of thing is what interests the NYT and its readers.
  9. Yup - that's Damien Woetzel in that photograph. And young. She's making a point of how long she's done Aurora. She's certainly not "old" now and has lost none of her technique, one just questions the wisdom of saying that about Sterling Hyltin. Neither nice nor attractive. If Indiana Woodward was anywhere near as good as posters here say it's a shame that there's no review of her performance and instead this snarky backstage article. The distance from the Post to the Times narrows...
  10. Rock

    Simone Messmer

    It seems we all missed something, but there has been no announcement from the MCB.
  11. I also saw the live stream and I'm afraid I have to agree - the dancers did well considering what they were up against, but those tempi took all the charm and singing beauty out of that amazing score. It became dry and tick-tock. I don't understand what those conductors are trying to prove. That that's how Tchaikovsky wanted it? Seriously doubt that.
  12. Do the principal male ranks at NYCB need bolstering? I'm not reading many complaints. As to Porte et Soupir, she's the door, he's the sigh and it's nothing like Agon or The Cage. It's not like anything else. Go see it, you won't be sorry DC Export.
  13. Rock

    Sergei Polunin

    Oh gosh. That is so creepy... and so sad. This guy is not well.
  14. Thank you canbelto. I hadn't seen that and I think it's a very positive thing.
  15. I think it's been proven that mixed repertory programs with tags or names sell better. It gives people something to identify with. It's why most companies have adopted block programming. Even before block programming, the NYCB had All-Balanchine, or All-Balanchine/Stravinsky, or Balanchine Black-and-White programs. Do you miss repertory programs vipa? You'd find ballets presented with different other ballets on each program. Many thought it was stimulating, and often showed ballets to better advantage. But it didn't sell as well as block programs, and it's gone.
  16. cheryl44tn - I think it might be a good idea if you contacted the Balanchine Trust, explained what items your daughter had and ask their advice of how important they might be and where they should go. Ellen Sorrin, George Balanchine Trust, 20 Lincoln Center, New York, NY 10023
  17. They also intimate that having a "star" dancer as director is preferable. Possibly for fund-raising but not for much else I wouldn't think. Not necessarily. If you make a worldwide list you'd find that more directors weren't "stars". It would seem, anyway, that the NYCB has their fundraising pretty much intact. I should think Jon Stafford's track record in the past year speaks for itself. Quality of performances, programming, rep, premieres, promotions, hiring, and weathering what has to be one of the worst public relations nightmares ever visited on a ballet company. I think he's the right person for the job.
  18. For me what's coming is very exciting: Gordon, Ball, Coll, Chamblee, Sanz, Mejia - lots of very unusual men and quite different from each other. Who am I forgetting? Seems to be a lot of them. I will admit it's upsetting that Danchig-Waring isn't doing Apollo.
  19. I didn't read it that way at all. I thought it was more a comment on ballet in general than anything specific about the NYCB. I feel a change in that direction might be a good move for him.
  20. Rock

    Sergei Polunin

    The NYT has an article by Roslyn Sulcas.
  21. Rock

    Sergei Polunin

    I googled David LaChapelle because he was behind what has been Polunin's biggest success and I be interested to know what he thought of all this. Wikipedia said he was gay! One wonders how he feels about Polunin's posts.
  22. I got a promotional email from ABT yesterday which featured last year's Harlequinade trailer by Ezra Hurwitz. To me the City Ballet Sleeping Beauty trailer is a howl. Delightfully short, Aaron Sanz is wonderful, but when Maria Kowroski gets out of that Lincoln Navigator like a supermodel arriving for a runway show, it made me laugh out loud. Her brush-off of the make-up person and then her response to the question were both perfectly done. I think she's hilarious. And there's the heart of the story - right there - what it's all about - in a couple of minutes. I think it's terrific.
  23. Well put Ms. O'Connell - but I'll give you two reasons why the Board will resist that: Jon Stafford was a principal dancer but not a "star", and if they hired him it would look as if they hadn't "done" anything. The best choice is already in place? Yes, he is. Unfortunately he's a he, so that box doesn't get checked either. But what you said about his dancing is telling. A calm, unruffled guy you can trust. No craziness, no agendas, no huge ego. What a lot of people don't seem to understand is that being a "star" dancer, a choreographer, a stager, a coach, or a teacher are all completely separate gifts, rarely combined. Who is good at coaching is rarely the person who could do it themselves when dancing. Same with teaching. And certainly with being an artistic director. That job requires the mental capacities of an over-view, looking at the long range - not something required of a dancer very frequently.
  24. Well Drew, you're right - I seem to have the wrong word. I wasn't talking about online stuff. That's easy to ignore. I meant print trolls. Like Sarah Kaufmann. Gia Kourlas. Those dance writers who essentially don't much like ballet. Ms. Kaufmann has been negative about the NYCB for years and years. I remember some article eons ago where she claimed Balanchine had ruined ballet in America. Vividly I recall her recent comment that anyone who bought a ticket to the NYCB had to check their conscience at the door. Her implication being the company was a repugnant hot bed of sexual harassment. Nice huh? That's A LOT of presumption piled on top of telling people not to go. Is that the place of a professional dance critic?
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