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  1. Hi. This is my second post on this board and thank you for your replies. I was wondering, specifically what poses or moves generate what emotional responses for the dancer and why? (use of a muscle group, general body position etc?)
  2. Are there things you notice about other people that may be very telling of them?
  3. Pls. forgive me if I am posting in an incorrect category. I am really interested in the lives of ballet dancers outside of the training. I wonder about how their art pours over into their everyday life. For example: How and what are are some physical gestures and consciousness of body and space and relationship carry over into an average day and interaction. ALso what sorts of things do they notice in other people through their postures/movements that they may not be so aware of if not for their art and training. How do they express themselves physically towards other people when they arent dancing. I am a visual artist and so I am very curious what an artist who relies on physicality is like. Thanks.
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