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  1. Allegro Brillante was a treat. Tiler sparkled and floated, and Mejia, while not perfectly crisp, had charm and enthusiasm. The casting was exquisite - the four women dancers were beautifully matched in conformation and ability. (I don't mean to make it sound like a Westminster show; I meant that having all long-legged, similar in height, dancers with equal prowess, made for wonderful symmetry - there was nothing to visually distract from the perfection of the swirling patterns.) La Source - I'd not seen Joseph Gordon before and his dancing is extraordinary. He goes for it, big jumps, beau
  2. Piling on to say how much I also loved the extra detail, pantomime and story. So much mime took a bit of getting used to at first, but the story development made the ballet so much richer and fit the musical narrative so well, I am now going to miss it when I see other Giselles. Ratmansky paid a lot of attention to having the storylines make more sense and having movement match the music beautifully. I liked story details like having Loys (Albrecht) run to safety behind the cross after dancing with wili Giselle, and then being discovered there and brought to Myrtha by wilis later; in some prod
  3. Yes, I was referring to Sarah Lane; an example of where whatever is keeping the dancer from being cast more just can't be from performance quality - which in Lane's case has been extraordinary, and building year on year. I am aware that ADs will have dancers whom they favor for reasons than other than what we viewers see onstage, and disfavor for other reasons. That can be frustrating because I only have one concern. I really don't care what these dancers are like personally (short of truly unethical behavior) - if they bring the magic across the footlights, I will put my money down for a tick
  4. Trying to decide between the Wed 22nd casting and the Wed 29th, because any season Tiler & Tyler are doing Allegro Brillante I want to be there. 22nd is La Source/Bouder and Firebird/ Reichlin, while 29th is La Source/Fairchild and Firebird/Bouder. Any suggestions on which to choose? I'm also bemused by just how much Pereira is scheduled so far. Of course she's a good dancer, they all are, and I find her technically proficient, but onstage she never seems to give me that extra something I'm looking for and I don't find her musicality really zings. But perhaps she has other qualities
  5. Faux Pas, I too wondered what Tidwell is doing these days. I did a quick google search and found he guested as Russian in the Nutcracker of Salisbury Ballet this past December in North Carolina. So he is still dancing at at least occasionally. But it does seem like he is not dancing much. Such an extraordinary talent. I remember picking him out of a corps of men at ABT as someone to watch back in the early aughts.
  6. I'll bow to canbelto's superior ability of comparison, as I know she sees far more ballet than I do, but to my eyes Tiler was radiant and danced flawlessly as SPF. Her arabesques looked fine to me. Her trademark musicality and fluidity were leaps and bounds above the other dancers featured tonight. It may be just that a not-in-topmost-form Tiler Peck is still a remarkable ballerina. Tyler's partnering was smooth, solid and attentive, lifts beautifully timed, and I thought him princely. His variation was well done - although his jumps weren't the highest, I don't think I have ever thought
  7. I was at Tuesday night's program of T&V, new Tharp, and Ratmansky's Seasons. While I thought Sarah danced beautifully in T&V, and covered her slight trouble with the turns well, I can also see why a previous poster felt she might have nerves. It's very tricky choreography and I got the feeling she was concentrating intently. That meant her performance wasn't transcendent the way some of hers can be. But, her technique and grace were so lovely it was still a very good performance. I noticed that I love the way she holds her hands in fifth position in turns - her hands always continue th
  8. My apologies, Vipa, my enthusiasm made me careless. Megan LeCrone was in the fourth variation of 4T. Erica Pereira was the female lead in Square Dance and she danced competently.
  9. I saw Tuesday’s cast for the same program. Agree that Indiana Woodward was the star of the night for me. She breezed through the third movement with exceptional precision for the speed, neat footwork, tight fifths and great stage presence. She shone alongside Brouder and Reichlin. Lauren King in the fourth movement had particularly lovely carriage and port de bras. Shoutout to Megan LeCrone who sparkled in Square Dance. The company is already top-heavy with principals but Woodward and LeCrone seem clearly in line for promotion. And Taylor Stanley is the Total Package, in spades. He The audienc
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