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  1. I strongly disagree. I see no difference between a football team being criticized for playing like ballerinas or a ballet company being criticized for dancing like football players. Ballet dancers are generally known for their grace and delicacy and football players do not play touch football. They tackle and hit hard. They do not apologize if they hit too hard.
  2. I know that when I was taking class at SAB, I received criticism from friends, but I was a good fighter and after beating up some friends, they soon stopped criticizing me. However,many years ago, ballet was considered to be possibly the most feminine type of activity. I do not think my football team was ever criticized for playing like ballerinas or as if we were wearing tutus, but we were criticized for playing like girls or as if we wore dresses. So I do not see much difference between dresses and tutus. Pennsylvania Ballet and some here on ballet alert were highly offended by that tutu c
  3. So no, the Eagles have not played like they were wearing tutus. If they had, Chip Kelly would still be a head coach and we'd all be looking forward to the playoffs." As someone who played competitive male football in all my school years in full equipment, and danced ballet professionally on stage, I disagree with the criticism with the original Facebook comment and my reply to the Pennsylvania Ballet is that if the entire Pennsylvania Ballet ballerina roster played in full equipment against the Philadelphia Eagles football team, every ballerina would be in the hospital or in a grave an
  4. Speeded up looks ridiculous. That is how Vikharev instructed Novikova to dance it. he did not want the caricature as reprresented by your speeded up version of the music..Novikova did not change the speed and her speed is phenomenaal as is her slow adagios. She is a very fast dancer.
  5. What roles has Maria Menshikova danced since joining Eifman? Thank you
  6. Mariinsky Ballet usually performs it, at least once a year. In the 2009/2010 season, they probably performed it around 5 times..
  7. Since the new season started in Spetember, not one Vaganoav student has danced in a Mariinsky Ballet, inlcuding Shakirova, who danced in the past two seasons with the Mariinsky Ballet, as Amour in Don Quixote, Juliet's friend in Romeo & Juliet, a small swan in the the lake scene with that famous dance of 4 small swans, as Odalisque in the Jardin Animee dance of 3 odalisques, a soloist in Ramansky's Concerto DSCH (she even danced this in London with Mariinsky), one of the 3 muses in Apollo (also danced in London), Florine in Sleeping Beauty plus the star of Rubies. Last season, Nika Tskhvi
  8. Looking at the last 3 Mariinsky ballet directors would show a sudden, drastic change under Fateyev regarding the entrance of top Vaganova graduates into Mariinsky Ballet. Under Vaziev, top graduates never went elsewhere, although Borchenko in 2000 wanted to go home to Belarus, which she did. The only possible exception , is that in 1998, Irina Perren had been one of the better girl graduates, but was not one of the two highest ranked Vaganova graduates and went to Mikhailovsky where she became a big star. Under Vinogradov, there was only one year as an exception and that was in 1982, the
  9. Sadly, most of them leave ballet has never been true in Russia. It is a rarity that any corps dancer will quit ballet in Russia.
  10. Vasnetsova only danced Odeete/Odile once on November 2, 2008, during the beginning of Fateyev's reign as acting ballet director. Probably Vaziev had planned her debut, but only my guess. This is the Mariinky link to her debut http://www.mariinsky.ru/playbill/playbill/2008/11/2/1_1900/ 3 days earlier, Kondaurova made her Swan Lake debut. http://www.mariinsky.ru/playbill/playbill/2008/10/30/1_1900/ Kondaurova had many more chances in the next few months, but Vasnetsova never had any more chances. Olesya Novikova had a remarkable debut on June 18, 2011, but she never got a 2nd chance, just
  11. Unfortunately, Vaganova needs foreign money because it is no longer the Soviet Union where the Soviet government supported Vaganova. Now Vaganova needs the foreign money. However, Vaganova does not currently allow foreign students to enter in first year, so dancers not going to Kirov Academy in Washington or anything similar, are at a serious disadvantage. Even Kirov Academy has changed drastically for the worse since now many current teachers are not Vaganova graduates and are training their students very different to the Vaganova style. When Vinogradov started the Kirov Academy it was like
  12. With special exceptions, I do not feel that foreigners belong in Mariinsky Ballet. Their training and style is so different. Where my feelings against foreigners is most evident is when the Japanese dancer, Kumiko Ishii, is on the stage. Her technique is too weak and her lack of sufficient Vaganova training is much too obvious. I refused to see Kampa dance Kitri, even at the cost of missing Stepanova dance Dryad. For me, any dancer, who had their most important early years of ballet training, not at Vaganova, and in schools like where Kampa and Ishii trained, which are different to the Vagan
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