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  1. I would like to make a correction on their sons' names - their sons are Slawomir and Michael, who is now a student at ABT School.
  2. I just want to share my excitement when I found out that Slawomir Wozniak (Polish dancer and choreographer) was teaching at Paradise Valley Community College in Phoenix, Arizona this Spring 2009 Semester. He and his wife Irena has a ballet school - Master Class Ballet in Phoenix. They have 2 sons - Slawomir Jr. who dances at Ballet Arizona and Daniel who is graduating at NYCB school. Please Google his name because he has an impressive background. Currently, I am having a great time taking classes from him and his wife subs for him when he is travelling to dance or choreograph for overseas companies. CRISPINO RAMOS
  3. I find Nikolaj Hubbe and Kenneth Easter physically attractive from head to foot. Facial expressions, perfect physique, every movement of the body speaks volume. -------------------------------------------------------------- Crispino Ramos
  4. Damian Woetzel seems to be the fastest moving dancer I've ever seen, almost like a humming bird.
  5. Here's another reminder that a dancer's life as a performer is short. However, we will always remember their brilliance on stage.
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