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  1. To me Gorak was THE revelation of the season. I think he is the only clear and obvious principal material in the company as of today.Since he is very young, maybe abt just want to wait another year before promoting him, and work in his development in the meantime. It is good though that they are giving him many important roles and hopefully that will keep coming. It shows that management does have an eye on him. A.M. singled him out in his review of the season in the ny times, for a member of the corps that is pretty big. The Whiteside case is in my opinion a matter of size and urge for partners for the tall ballerinas, I dont think the tall and talented members of abt corps are as ready as he is to take on that task. I saw him only once, and I dont think is a bad idea at all, neither has to interfere with the development/promotion of inside members, as long as they are ready for it. I was surprised by Hammoudi's promotion, for example, he has a lot, lot work to do to justify his rank in the company today.
  2. oh thats wonderful news !!! thx abatt, wish we could see that on video at least so, the new abt soloist James Whiteside (coming from Boston) looks tall and handsome, a new partner for our beloved Veronika ?????
  3. this is an interview with Sarah Lane, in which there are several clips of her doing Giselle. it was interesting to me to see this
  4. Veronika adores Marcelo but unf he is already taken, all she can wish for is a show or maybe two during the season. I would love to see her with David again, last time the partnership loked really shaky, he avoided quite a few lifts, but I believe he is a much better partner now than he was at that time. Recently he has managed to partner Zakharova and Semionova, both really tall, very strongly. If he is scared of getting injured partnering Veronika, then it wont happen i guess., but if there is a minimun chance, this is to me the dream partnership, since they are prob the two most beautifully proportionated dancers today, and one of the most refined. Bolle looked great with her on stage, but he was surprinsingly weak in the partnering department, and avoided a couple of tough lifts as well. Veronika is not only tall, she has a heavier frame than most of other tall ballerinas. On the other hand, Ratmansky Nutcracker pdd has a lof of crazy liftings (a couple of them similar to some of the most difficult ones in the final pdd in manon), and it looks like Marcelo did very well with her. Kevin said in an interview that she was "out of this world" in that..so then Kevin, why cant you guys give her a juliet or a giselle, or manon ????? If you guys read this board, people are screaming for the chance, and yes..give her 2 SL next yr too pls I am also in the group who can see her odette 7 nights in a row. Cory, acting wise, is still far from an ideal partner for Veronika. Still after the very weak SL, he came a lot stronger in Corsaire , and the partnership looked really good, there are quite some tough liftings there. So maybe he is the best choice for her today. He also has gorgeous lines and is one of the few who is taller than her, even when she is on point. I am a huge fan of Veronika, since I believe she is the type of ballerina that you can rarely find around, pure classicism, one of the best lines out there and an upper body trully representative of the best of Vaganova's school. So, if Cory is the only choice, be it, rather see her doing new roles with him than not getting anything.I beleive he has potential and maybe, only maybe, a partnership can develop over time. Foster is very tall and strong, he may be another good choice, he is a work in progress but I really liked a lot what I saw in the opening night gala, I think there may be a lot of potential there too.....and how about a try out with Vasiliev you never know, ha on another note, since Gilliam seems to have succeded with her Juliet, is there any chance to see her as Giselle ? I know she may not look like the ideal Giselle, but given her trememndous artistic development, I would love to see her trying this. Sometimes I feel abt management is very rigid classifying the home ballerinas. I wonder also, if they will give Giselle to Semionova, since she was casted as Myrtha this seasson. I am not sure if Semionova will be given all the lyrical roles, like Manon, juliet, tatiana, etc. She certainly has danced it all, but it will be interesting to see whats abt decision regarding her castings, now that she is a full time.
  5. Hi Golden Idol, well, honestly to my eyes it was close to embarrasement, in fact he was actually funny when he made a little jump after Vasiliev in the curtain calls, it kind of said it all. Its true that next to Osipova and Vasiliev its easy to look underpowered, but thats one thing, and another one is to not be able to even lift a leg for a decent arabesque or jete, or do a clean single/double piruette for once. He looked so out of place last night, the poor guy. When I saw him next to Salstein and Mathews in R&J, I really felt bad for him too, especailly in the variation right before entering the ball room scene. now think, if you are desperate for a chance, and you have to witness this guy being brought from far away, i wdnt be happy myself. with that said, since I adore Alina, if thats the price, I am ok with that, as long as as they dont start putting them together, bc then it wd really be a total killer for me.
  6. I agreee abatt, honestly, I could not belive my eyes in the ronde de piques, literally, I dont recall ever anything alike, people started screaming half way through them, and at the end when she stood up in that rock solid balance in sky high arabesque, I thought I was dreaming. Do physics principles apply to her at all ????? I still dont know how in the world she didnt fall. Same with the speed of the fouettes. She made a huge deal of every single little phrase. Did you see her throwing herself to Kobborg's arms in the bedroom pdd ? I was quiet but a few people surounding me were close to have a nervous breakdown for real.
  7. Osipova was spectacular last night, together with Vasiliev they brought the house down, the met roared fiercely at the end of the “out of this world” act II pdd. She has so much energy, no fear pushing the limits, everything brought gasp from the audience, from the first flying jetes to the inhuman ronde de piques (did you guys see that ?) to the stunning fouettes (what exactly did she do when she was changing the leg, can someone explain please ? ) to her crazy extensions, I loved her lines in her customes. I eat every single moment of her, could not really look anywhere else.I liked Vasiliev better last night, and he was on fire too, these two really enjoyed being together at the met stage last night. It was a different performance, but certainly one for the ages. Kudos to Kayija too, she was wonderful, held her own really well,she has had a wonderful season. Only huge disappointment to me (again) was Kobborg, its not even worth to get into details, it was worst than his Romeo, which is a lot to say, and next to the two Bolshoi beasts, oh well……my question is, what is the point of bringing this guy to dance here ? I am a big supporter of mega-stars being brought, but this guy is outdanced by pretty much every soloist and quite a few members of the corps, so……I just don’t get it…..maybe is to keep alina happy, if so, boy we are paying big time to have her here.
  8. oh, thanks for the news i was wishing to see so much more of her, hope she is back healthy next year she got ravishing reviews in their last london tour
  9. In my opinion, I dont think any of these dancers is ready to be promoted (now). I def would love to see Sarah given opportunities to prove herself in 2-3 full lenghts, which is very diferent to dance a shorter variation. This season she has danced brilliantly in pretty much all I have seen, so it is the time to give her a chance, I think. She is the one that I see with the greatest potential, but I am not sure abt management shares this opinion unf. Abrera is lovely, but she has never been a principal material for me, and at her age withouth having danced the big classics here, her true chances are very small. I dont thik Seo is ready whatsoever, but from a practical point of view, I believe she is the one who will be promoted next (and I strongly disagree). She is beautiful, but still not versatile enough and has some major weaknesses.....however, she is adored in the company, and diversity will prob play a role here too, its just my feeling that she will be promoted soon (before or soon after Kent retires) Boylston has great talent and is promissing, she needs a little more time, but seems to be in the list. They have to be careful and look to what happened with wiles. Misty looks gorgeous in modern coreography, stunning, but I dont see her as a tutu ballerina. Every single time I have seen her in a very classical role, its being a major dissapoitment. To me she is the least principal material of all of them. I would also like to see Simon M. given a chance in a full length. And lets not forget about Kajiya (she is been given Kitri and Giselle already, so watch out here) and D. Teuscher who was priaised big time in the ny times review of Angel's farewell. I think the company has their eyes on her too. and what happened with L underwood ? She was to my eyes one of the most talented dancers from the corp members. Thats why it wd be great to have a few extra weeks in the state theater, so a few of these talented ballerinas could get opportunities to develop and prove themself.
  10. Xiomara danced medora last time they did, I saw her on a Friday night I remember, she was really wonderful, fastest pique chaines i have ever seen. She also danced it when they did it in London (after a few years dancing Gulnare, even being a principal) Not sure if Kent danced it 2 years ago, probably, Michele had it too, so her spot was prob the vacant. Still Gilliam is doing two, would have been fun to see Semionova (prob next year) or Boylston too Osipova is dancing it with abt tonight for the first time, I'll be there
  11. Veronika had an incredible debut as Medora. Not even in my sweetest dreams I ever thought that she would dance it the way she did. It was incredibly refreshing to see her, finally, taking on a new role, and even better, doing it with such joy, security and success. When she came out in Act I, her movie star looks made me gasp, no wonder the pasha passed out after she was unveiled, who wdnt !!! she is gotten really skinny, which has only accentuated even more her stunning lines and beauty. Her first series of jetes were impressive and from there on, everything went flawless, the fouettes in ActII were done at great speed, like never before, with multiples doubles (never saw her do that either) and more importantly was the way she finished them, clean, perfect, freshhh, as if she were ready for another round. The complete Act II pdd was really wonderful; she used her gorgeous lines to bring the much needed grandeur to this part. Italian fouettes in Act III were gorgeous, pretty much on the spot. I agreed with the fact tha Vasiliev handled her as only I have seen Marcelo do, and the moment commented by fondoffouettes was really something, he afforded the luxury of going almost in arabesque, in demi-point, after having walked around with her up high there, it was really priceless, and beautiful too. Cornejo was his usual wonder, he is always a pleasure for my eyes, and Cory was way better and confortable than in Sigfried last week, his technique, acting and partnering, I found everything way improved. I loved both of them in the bedroom pdd, and considereing Veronika’s height I think he partnered her really well. They are both very beautiful dancers and looked gorgeous on stage. My take on Vasiliev is somehow in the middle, I have to say that in the opening night gala, I really found his dancing highly grotesque and vulgar, with all due respect for him and the divergent opinions, so I actuallly decided not to go to see him in La Bayadere. This is a matter of personal taste, of course. On the other hand, there is no question that his pyrotechnics are absolutely sensational, he seems to devour the stage with impetuous force, flies, spin, you named, like very few can do, he is pretty spectacular and also has this macho bravura that captivates somehow…..but it is also true that he completely lacks the lines, the elegance, the manners, to a point that is also surprising, considering the stage of his career (he is young but he has danced quite a lot already, and some very basic things at this point should have been more than covered), so I am skeptical about the fact that he can be taught those things, he could prob improve, and I really hope so, but some things you cant teach. The weird thing is that besides all this, I kind of liked his pairing with veronika, who is prob totally the opposite, sounds a little crazy, but I actually wonder how this very two different dancers wd look in something like swan lake (with a more refined version of him, of course), for example, the contrast may bring a lot of fire to the performance, who knows…. I just want to add, that based on her success yesterday, one can only hope to see her taking on more new roles in the years to come, Kitri next year for example, and so much more, I am very happy that she was given this chance, and even more so on how well she rose to the occasion
  12. just a thought....The Kennedy center season has taken place in late Jan-Feb in the last few years. This year is moved way later, for April, according to the KC website. I was wondering if abt moved it because we will have a surprising winter season at the State Theater in NY I know is unlikely, but it wd be sooo wonderful ! I think R&J may be back next year again too
  13. I attended to Monday and Wed performaces. Veronika danced one of the strongest SL she has danced at ABT, technically-speaking. She balanced (the first balance after Odette entrance was a marvel), and turned with a speed and security never seen before. Maybe the rehearsals for Le Corsaire are having some impact on her ? Her Odette was beautiful, liquid, musical, and really exquisite as usual. I could watch that gorgeous port-de-bras for ever. Her lines and never ending legs are to dye for. I also agree with the comments about her open-mouth, very noticeable, and the somewhat awkward movements that happened here and there. The overall performance was not as dramatic as some of her shows before, but still was really marvelous. Even with these minor details, she is still my fav Odette. I loved her Odile better this time than ever before, I think she kind of toned it down one notch, and it was right on, more remarkable was the incredible chemistry with Marcelo, this was something that I enjoyed very much, the communication between the two was so evil ! She went though her variation and coda without any problems. The major issue with the performance was that Veronika was alone, she pretty much danced by herself. Stearns supported and lifted her, but that was pretty much it. Cory has beautiful lines, is elegant, handsome, but his technique continues to leave much to be desired, and his acting skills (at least on this character) even more so. His expression didn’t change from beginning to end, and he looked confused, very flat, maybe that’s the reason why veronica opened her mouth so much, lol. There was little or no emotion on his side, and obviously that brought the show down big time. This partnership have been tried a couple of times and it doesn’t really work, so I really hope abt take note of that and give her the partner that she deserves for this ballet. In fact, I think that it would be better to give the chance to an up and coming talented dancer from the corps, like T. Foster, for example, who partnered her really well in the opening night pdd. Murphy/Gomes Wed was certainly one of the most spectacular SL that I have ever witnessed. I was truly moved, and very, very impressed by the major development of Gilliam artistry, her extensions and back flexibility (and I think that I haven’t miss one of her SL in the last 8-9 yrs). Her performance was one of the most brutal displays of power and control that I have seen in a full-length ballet. The only thing she didn’t do was flight over the stage, for god sake, those legs need to be insured asap! The chemistry was Marcelo was electrifying, and they both looked to be having the time of their lives dancing together. Marcelo also took his technique to a brand new level, it was of those nights in which everything goes right, fireworks everywhere with crystal clean finish. They both surpassed themselves, and engaged the whole company; you could notice really that the stage was on fire. Act II pdd was full of emotion, Gilliam really stunned me, I had chills since the very first moment, beautiful !! At the end, after the huge ovation, people wouldn’t t let go, and she was brought back again to the stage, there were people standing, and screaming out of control brava, brava. At this point, the picture was set and ready for a spectacular Act III, and they didn’t disappoint. Her Odile was a bad, bad creature, seductive as they come, and the technique……HUH…fireworks included: ending of Odile/Sigfried pdd with Marcelo doing single-handed supported pirouettes on her (barely touching her waist), I think she delivered 4-5 of these, but more stunning is the center and the complete absence of any little, mini wobble, she seems to be hammered to the stage ! Fouettes were opened with a quadruple, continued with several triples, and included 2 series of the flying-pirouettes (doubles executing port de bras !) She did this before, but last year and in opening night gala she did not, …wed they were back, the second time I think she did a triple and after the port-de-bras she raised arms in swan-like position. The audience was out of control, …she threw then 3 gorgeous balances at the end of the coda, and it was like an apotheosis, a few people standing again and screaming out loud !!! I could go on this for ever, it was incredible. I was really glad that I decided to go last minute, this year I have been focused too much in the outside-stars…Bravisima Gilliam, she is clearly on her prime, no wonder she got that magnificent review of her Juliet from A.M in the ny times, maybe that fueled her as well !!!.....and Marcelo, what else can we say, he manages to always, always, give 150%, get the most out of his ballerina, he is certainly very, very unique.
  14. wow, thank you for the link, its really great ! I loved how emotional were Xiomara and Paloma, I think they both were in tears, it was cute to see them hug on the side looking at him, very sweet. and your report was full of lovely details, i sensed the emotions too, thanks !
  15. i didnt know that Part had danced Medora somewhere else
  16. oh Batsuschan, so glad you felt the same, I think everyone in the house fell under their spell last night. ...and I forgot to mention her pas de bourees...omg, she flew all over the stage, she levitated, the speed was unbelievable...... in the final scene with Hammoudi, her desperation, the disgust to be in his hands was stunning, the partnered pirouettes were so fast and marvelously synchronized wth her arms movements rejecting him, she was so abandoned that in one of the turns when he is holding her by her arm and she is on point, she almost fell, not because of her, but because she did not move a single muscle to stabilize her position, she was completely out of her own body....i am almost sure Hammoudi himself was a little shocked, he realized he had to hold her real strong or otherwise she would fall.
  17. I went last night too, Diana and Marcelo take their partnership to a brand new level every time they dance together, and last night, once again, the sky was the limit for such a tremendously emotional Romeo and Juliet, a true piece of art. I have seen all their R & J here, but the one last night was to me their best, and certainly one of the best I have ever seen. Vishneva uses her gorgeous lines, her amazing technique, and those gorgeously long arms and limbs in such a musical and dramatic way, it really touched me, very much, every single movement, every single little moment, nothing was wasted. She danced and responded to music from begining to end with astonishing perfection. In the final scene, i jumped from my seat in one of the shaking moments when he was moving her around, it was so wild, and she was so dead, that I trully thought she may have injured her back, no way a living human being would ever have such abandon in such movement. When she woke up, and realized that her Romeo was dead, that last scream of pain, went deep into my chest. The number of details are countless. In Act I she made 180 degree, slow motion, perfectly centered piruoete in attitude which was a marvel, and those extensions ! her lines are so beautiful, her body sems to have been tailored made to dance classic ballet. The bedroom pdd was one of the most beautiful I have ever seen, the movements were as expansive and beautiful as you can imagine, she has literally no bones in that back, the coordination was so perfect, both danced their variations flawless.........In Act III, her face when sitting in her bed, going from the desperation of what i am going to do, to ok, this is it, I have the solution,........and I could go on and on with every single step of the coreography. She just threw herself into the role, in a really distinctive way. Brava Diana, bravisima, I cant thank abt enough for giving us the pleasure of enjoying the career of one of the most talented and accomplished artist of her generation, and for developing such a powerful, emotional and incredible partnership with our beloved Marcelo ....and next year, if we could only see her in SL too
  18. i believe the last time that they did this was in 2002
  19. oh my god, Diana and Marcelo were s e n s a t i o n al !!!! This partnership is really making history. Both pdd were so, so beautiful, I still have chills whenever i think about their dancing tonight !!!! I cant even describe their dancing with words. The entire cast was wonderful and the production is gorgeous. Diana was so moved at the end, that she was pretty much crying in the curtain calls, especially in a moment is which Marcelo hugged and kissed her. I am sure the other casts will do well, but this was really something else. I am shocked that it took abt almost 10 yrs to bring back such an amazing ballet !! Based on the quality of this show, next thursday people should really be pulling their hair at the doors of the met to get a ticket to see this !!!
  20. I am so thriiiiiled that she is coming full time, and according to the response to her performances, nyc audiences are too ! Her Nikiya was spectacular. It is really a luxury to have the chance to see her perform in the years to come, and hopefully, grow even more under Kolpakova's guidance Thansssk abt !!!
  21. I attended three Bayaderes: Part/Gomes/Murphy, Semionova/Hallberg/Seo, Cojocaru/Cornejo/Boylston Three very different interpretations, all world class performances, with their own strengths and minor weaknesses. Part was majestic, angelical, in a ballet that allows her to show her beautiful lines and musicality. I woudnt say it was her best Nikiya, but it was indeed beautiful, riveting, and very well danced. Murphy was Gamzatti, literally, she is brought a grandeur to the character that has grown over the years, and her dancing was absolutely incredible. Italian fouettes on the spot, with her foot right on her face, and no sign of tension whatsoever, she does them as if she were just there, standing, smiling, she is so strong !. Her variation on Act 3 was flawless, with perfectly centered and musical triple/quadruple pirouetes, bravisima. Marcelo was a perfect match for Part and Gillian, and danced beautifully as well Semionova is not as soft as Part, yet she was to me the most spectacular Nikiya I have seen in years. Her technique is something else, especially for a ballerina of her height, and she combines that with her really gorgeous lines and very good stage projection. I loved the way she portrayed the scene when she was bitten by the snake (it was my fav), and her solo right before that was to dye for, very intense, you could really feel her love for Solor and her pain. She has a boneless back, so those cambre were like omg !, in the series of arabesques penche, which is usually done with the ballerina starting on point and then going flat foot, she actually stayed on point, raised the arabesque really high, and held the balance for ever, while looking at Solor ! The audience reacted strongly, and she got a well deserved round of applause! Act II was magical, scarf scene was perfectly executed, with great taste, musical. Next to David the first pdd was like a different world. All the multiple pirouettes were right on, with the music too, not rushed, she had time to execute them and then go to arabesque slowly, she also held a wonderful balance for ever, and ended with pretty fast chaines….the audience again went really wild with her. In Act III, she flew throughout the stage with those gorgeous jetes and her beautiful lines. David had some minor details in his variations, but he is so elegant, that it really didnt matter to me at all, he partenered Semionova wonderfully too. Seo was a major dissapointment. First, in my opinion, she is misscasted as Gamzatti. She is too soft and sweet for it. I can see her silky, musical and beautiful phrasing, but she continues to be very, very weak technically, (or I may just had bad luck whenever i have seen her). During the italian fouettes she traveled all over the stage, but more than that, the tension in her body was so high, I actually had this feeling of, god i wish she finishes them asap, so the suffering stops. In the final fouettes, she started well and fast, but fell of point at the end and finished with her back to the audience, as some people mentioned before. Act III variation was also tentative, shaky I would say. Its obvious that they are going to promote her, but i just hope abt management is sure about that big decision, because to me she is just not ready yet. Cojocaru was splendid; her response to the music is truly unparallel. It may be me, but Alina is so special, that sometimes I feel that she needs to be seen to be believed, what an artist ! This ballet is not the best vehicle for a petite ballerina like her, but those extensions and her magnificent way of showing her beautiful lines make it seem as if it was done for her. She had some technical problems In Act II, during the scarf variation, when she came off point, I think twice, but then.....right after, she held one of the most beautiful balances I have ever seen, holding the scarf up high, in a really, really sky-high arabesque, center stage, with cornejo looking at her, it seemed like it lasted for ever really, people went wild in the theater. The first pdd of Act II was magnificent, and everything else was flawless, beautiful, musical, with fast multiple pirouettes, and as it was mentioned before, a really fast series of chaines that brought the house down. Boylston was a good Gamzatti, I think she is still a work in progress (which is expected, given her young age/inexperience) but I liked a lot how she built the character and she was technically very accomplished, no major problems in Act I fouettes (italian and final ones, all well executed) and lovely Act III variation, clean footwork. Cornejo was a technical marvel, his variations were magnificent, crystal clear with tremendous elevation. The audience also responded really strong to his dancing. I liked that he partnered Alina very well, with no major problems, since he has had problems partnering before, so kudos to a big improvement in this department. I also agree that he has to develop his artistry more, and go deeper into the characterization of his roles.
  22. I saw Cojocaru/Corella/Murphy last night. In Act I Alina was as sweet and lovely as she usually is, you cant help to fall in love with this incredible lovely young girl. The couple seemed to have good chemistry and everything was going terrific until it was time for her variation. She first threw a jaw droping almos-180 degreee penche, but in the second (when she goes to the right side of the stage) she almost fell.. luckily she recovered well, did two nicely and perfectly centered triples pirouettes, and went for the diagonal of hops on point. As soon as she went on point and tried to start moving, she came off point, so she had to improvise some coreography herself, which looked a little weird, then she tried again, once she reached the center of the stage, but unf she couldnt hold it and came off point for the second time. I was very close to the stage, and to me I think she may have been in pain or at least uncorfortable, because, she didnt fell because she lost her balance or anything like that. This small accident carried over a little bit, or at least I sensed some lost of focus/concetration in the following scene, half way through the madness scence she looked back in top shape and delivered a heart breaking death, the last sequence was really emotional. In Act II, Alina was absolutely sensational, I really have no words, she more than made up for whatever happened in Act I. This is trully an ARTIST !!! The fluidity/coordination of the movement, the perfection of the poses, the beauty and deeply emotional dancing that she delivered was incredible. I was stunned with the visual effect of all her movements. Every single little step made so much sense to me, and everything was so well connected and expressed, brava ! In the series of entrechats 4 she slowed down a couple of times and picked up the speed again, I dont know if this was done on purpose, or because of any kind of problems in her foot. I just really, really, hope that she is not injured. The ending was different to what she did last year with David, when she boureed around him and left a little flower (like the one of the first act) fell on the floor. This time, she left a flower fall into Angel's hand when she was about to leave, and then she was lifted from behind, so it looked like she just flew away, like a ghost, and Angel then looked to the sky, around the stage, like following her flying away. I was on the right side of the stage, so I could see that, but I am not sure everyone in the audience saw the effect though, but it was really beautiful. Angel partnering was close to perfection, and one of the reasons why Alina looked so weightless, was his incredible ability to lift/move her. His technique/energy when dancing his variations was not close to what it was a few years ago, but it wasnt bad either. I will miss him too, very much, although, in my opinion, giving the decline that I notice in his technique and energy, its better for him to go now, when he is still looking good, I think is a wise decision (and I know that it may not even be his own) Gilliam was terrific as Myrtha, those boureess...omg, she was frightening, comanding, and as always, technically sublime. Overall, I think it was a magnificient performance, maybe not as complete/stellar as the one that she danced last year with David, but I did like better her Act II this time, despite the minor problems with her foot. She dances with so much soul, so delicate and elegantly, that one can only love her more and more. Even though I have seen Giselles for over 15 yrs, she still managed to make me feel chills all the time in her Act II, I really thought at some point that I was in a different world !!! ...and I am also so very happy that her interpretation is so different to Vishneva's, since she is my other all time fav Giselle...I feel like they are so different yet both so magnificent......thanks abt, having the chance to see these two artist live, the same week, is a luxury that in no too many other places one can have !
  23. Thank you Helene This is a tough one for Malakhov, and looks like it may have been unexpected.
  24. The company has made official that Semionova is leaving Berlin. The note is on their website and in german, so it would be nice if someone could translate the press release for the ballet talk community. There is a lot of speculation about where is Semionova going, back to Russia ? L'Scala ? or ABT ? It would be great if ABT can land Semionova full-time, and not only as a guest. here is the link www.staatsballett-berlin.de/en_EN/press/detail/1471/18330
  25. Part was taken out as Myrtha (she was listed before) its kind of weird since this is one of her best roles at abt she is dancing the role in Chicago though
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