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  1. Thank you. I don't think I'll get to see either program.
  2. Is this the program in which Veronika Part is dancing the role of the ballerina?
  3. Thank you, fondoffouettes and nanushka, that was exactly my question.
  4. Do you think it was intentional that Teuscher travelled forward during her single fouettes? I was a little worried that she was going to fall off the stage.
  5. So after all my complaining about Whiteside, and reading about the exceptional debut of Shevchenko in SL, I did buy a ticket to see her dance Kitri, even though she is scheduled to dance with Whiteside. I can't bear missing these moments in what I expect will be an outstanding career.
  6. The casting for this year kept many ballet lovers away from performances they would have liked to attend, but for the casting. I'm certainly in that group.
  7. That's exactly how I feel about seeing Shevchenko as Kitri. If by some miracle Whiteside pulled out of Don Q next week.... I've said it somewhere else on this forum, but I'll say it again here. I believe that Shevchenko is destined for greatness. You heard it first from me.
  8. I so much wish I could have seen Shevchenko in this performance. I didn't buy a ticket because I can't bear to watch her partner.
  9. As I've said somewhere else on this board, I think Ratmansky's next task should be to bring Acts 1 and 4 in SL up to the level of Acts 2 and 3. The opening of Act 4 is really a snooze-fest, as I believe someone said above. And those heavy costumes in Act 1 don't really go too well with dancing around a Maypole.
  10. I hope he continues to dance with ABT. I really enjoy watching him.
  11. That's exactly why I'm not going to Shevchenko's O/O. Whiteside has kept me away from several performances this season.
  12. angelica

    Sarah Lane

    I don't have time to search right now, but I know I've seen a photo of her dancing Juliet, possibly with LakeCities Ballet.
  13. angelica

    Sarah Lane

    Just a fleeting thought. Lane has danced O/O and Juliet elsewhere, with companies other than ABT. Perhaps having her learn Nikiya and Kitri is a way of ensuring that she now knows almost all the leading roles and can perform in any of them next and in future seasons. An all-around Principal.
  14. Thanks for the clarification, aurora. I missed that performance, but her debut as Nikiya was stunning.
  15. I'm not sure what you mean by her turn at the first shade.
  16. I had a very different response to her Bayadere debut. I thought she was exquisite except for the turns in the scarf dance, which were wobbly, I admit. But, at least in my eyes, the rest of her performance was gorgeous.
  17. Oh dear, Jp, I don't think I've ever seen the gelato cart after dark. Has anyone here?
  18. I heartily recommend dessert from the gelato cart, L'Arte del Gelato, on the plaza outside Geffen Hall. They will put two flavors in a small cup, and three in a large. My favorite combo is coffee and chocolate. They say the chocolate is milk chocolate but it tastes dark to me. And it's not too sweet, like some of the other flavors. For me, a trip to Lincoln Center isn't complete without the gelato. Be sure to ask for extra napkins.
  19. I love Shevchenko, but I won't go to any performance with Whiteside in a leading role.
  20. Of all the dancers this season, the one who has stood out for me has been Sarah Lane. The Saturday, June 30th, matinee performance will be her debut as Kitri, and I think she's going to knock it out of the park. And with Herman Cornejo as her partner, they comprise Team A in my eyes. Catch Cornejo now, because who knows how many more years he'll be dancing. Sarah isn't dancing Juliet this week and won't be dancing Odette/Odile either. I'm sure she'll be dancing soloist roles in SL, but I think she'll be as fresh and exciting as she always is. I wouldn't miss that performance.
  21. I, too, attended the Friday evening performance and thoroughly enjoyed the ballet. I think expectations play a role here. After reading many negative reviews along with the positive ones, and having disliked Whipped Cream and disliked even more The Golden Cockerel, I was expecting another ballet that would disappoint me. Not so. Harlequinade had much more ballet dancing than I expected, and I realized that seeing mime performed by trained ballet dancers is altogether different from seeing mime performed by others. The ballet line is present, which is the thing that my brain seeks out when I go to the ballet. I also think that much of my pleasure came from the exquisite performance of Sarah Lane, who handled the technical challenges with no problem and sparkled her way through the role of Columbine. David Hallberg's sad Pierrot had me laughing at his ability to sustain the pathos of his character across an evening. There were more children than I would have liked to see. After all, unlike at the Mariinsky, we are not seeing children who were picked from hundreds of applicants for their turnout and flexibility, and schooled under a regimen that we in the US would find unacceptable. They were cute, but one would have been more than enough. On the other hand, they do help fill the house and raise the enthusiasm of the audience. Overall, I think that Harlequinade is a good addition to ABT's repertoire, even though it probably cost many arms and legs. Next, however, instead of resurrecting another quirky ballet from the past, I hope that Ratmansky could turn his attention to replacing ABT's God-awful Acts I and IV of our beloved Swan Lake.
  22. Oh, aurora, I didn't think you were implying that my eyesight is poorer than most. You're quite right that broadly performed mime is very different from the danced mime in SL. Having read all the comments so far, I'm really looking forward to seeing this ballet--and I'm not seeing it until Friday!
  23. Perhaps my eyesight is poorer than most, although I do not think so. I just know that the mime passages in ballets have become more meaningful for me now that I can see them close up. Also, though, I believe you're right that not everyone understands all the mime. It took me some time over the years to learn the mime vocabulary and to appreciate its role in a ballet.
  24. I agree completely with your view, Juliaj, (even though I haven't seen the ballet yet!) Reading the comments, I'm wondering if the distance of most of the seats from the stage make the mime virtually unintelligible with or without binoculars, which I find annoying to have to use. Personally, I enjoy mime when I'm close enough to "read" it easily, rather than have to work to fill in the blanks.
  25. Would it help if ABT were to visit these schools for talent-scouting? Or is there a downside to this that hasn't occurred to me? I would just like to add that after seeing Shevchenko as Myrta, and seeing her dance Gamzatti in the dress rehearsal, I think she has the makings of greatness.
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