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  1. Oh, laurel, thanks so much for posting that gorgeous clip! But isn't that the Lilac Fairy music? Is it that Ratmansky so shortened the role of the Lilac Fairy that he was able to use that music for Aurora?
  2. Stanley is currently my favorite dancer on the male roster. From the first time I saw him, I couldn't take my eyes off him.
  3. Thank you, cobweb. I assumed it would be yesterday, so I've wasted a lot of time looking for it!
  4. Does anyone know when casting will be online for Week 2 of the Winter season?
  5. Oh, please don't retire Maria just yet. She is my favorite dancer at NYCB, and I'm not ready to let those gorgeous legs and extensions out of my life just yet. Her turns seemed fine this season. And she leapt up onto Tyler Angle's shoulders in the blink of an eye--it was amazing to watch.
  6. The powers that be at ABT don't have sufficient imagination to think so creatively.
  7. I would so love to see Thomas Forster promoted to principal before he has only two years left in his career. He is a beautiful dancer and at any other company he would have been given opportunities to prove himself long before now.
  8. Did anyone see Don Quixote last night? I'm interested to hear thoughts about the performance.
  9. Has anyone received their brochure for renewal of their Spring subscriptions? I haven't received anything in the mail, but I see that you can renew online. Is this another cost saving measure? I really like to have the whole season laid out in front of me to select performances.
  10. I saw them both at NYCC last year, and Mearns was wonderful (as was Gomes). Completely different from her pull-out-all-the-stops portrayal of O/O.
  11. I'm in total agreement, Fleurfairy. I just want to point out the interesting way in which you contextualize this-"way too many dancers I want to avoid," rather than, for example, so many particular dancers you want to be sure not to miss. I share your perspective, and was glad to read that someone else (and perhaps many others) do too.
  12. ITA, cobweb. I was so excited to hear that there was an entire chapter on arabesque, but upon reading the actual chapter I felt I learned nothing at all. I read the book some months ago, so I don't remember in detail, but I was hoping there would be some explanation about the geometrical importance of triangles and circles in creating ballet line and in the positions and steps that comprise classical ballet. Nothing. All fluff, and yes, "rapture."
  13. Since there are only so many slots for principal contracts, I'm thinking that someone(s) is(are) going to have to retire in order for Brandt and Ternary to move up. That seems to be a cruel reality at ABT, which I only became aware of when Veronika Part's contract wasn't renewed. Is that the situation at most ballet companies?
  14. This has been going on for years. Why doesn't the Artistic staff do something about it? I think he was magnificent in Harlequin because he had a face mask on. But if you think Boylston is great, then we obviously have different standards for greatness.
  15. I've heard that said of Stearns before, but I just can't make my peace with it. I've seen him act brilliantly, with his face broadly smiling, in a studio rehearsal. I would guess that he is naturally shy, and is afraid to show too much emotion on stage for fear it will be seen as over-acting. If he could do on stage what he does in the studio, his face would read to the audience.
  16. Stearns is very handsome, has perfect ballet proportions, and a beautiful ballet line. I'm going to guess that McK expected that Stearns would develop in the acting realm, which, unfortunately, he has not. I cannot, for the life of me, begin to guess why McK hired Whiteside, although your supposition that it was because he is tall is the only one that makes sense. "actively terrible" is a good description for him.
  17. Did anyone see Hee Seo's debut Friday night?
  18. "...the touching of the nose in second movement of Symphony in C. One move given an extreme accent." I've never heard of this. Could someone please enlighten me?
  19. Last night's performance was a WOW! I couldn't take my eyes off Shevchenko. In addition to her technical abilities, she displayed tremendous acting skills, from consternation to sneakiness, to pure joy, all done with just the right combination of spices and sense of humor to convey the spirit of this ballet. She exaggerated when the story called for it, e.g., hiding behind the cape; and showed happiness in her bright shining face when the story called for that, as in the wedding pas de deux. How nice to be seeing a ballerina do those 32 fouettes without counting or biting one's nails! A few additional standouts: Katherine Williams as Queen of the Dryads; Kaho Ogawa as one of the flower girls; Nicole Graniero dancing exquisitely in the corps roles. Someone really must take April Giangeruso under their wing and teach her to hold her torso up by her back muscles. The contrast with Kaho Ogawa (and everyone else on stage) was so obvious and mastering that could take her dancing up to the next level.
  20. Do they get any stipend in the Studio Company, enough so maybe four of them can share a one-bedroom apartment?
  21. That's a great question. Does anyone know?
  22. I think (hope) that we've weathered the worst of the fallout from the foreign guest artist debacle and the logjam it caused in the ranks--at least as far as the female principals and soloists are concerned. Forgive me if I've omitted someone, but with Shevchenko, Lane, and maybe Teuscher, some of the glaring gaps have been filled in. And with Trenary and Brandt on the rise, we're going to have a fine contingent of female dancers, with some promising corps members as well--Hurlin, McBride, Ogawa, Lavine, for example. However, I'm very unsure about the male contingent. This season was basically the season of Stearns, Whiteside, and Cornejo, but we need more up-and-coming male principals. If Bell is promoted to soloist, and I believe he deserves to be promoted, and Forster and Hoven promoted to principal, that's like putting a finger in the dike temporarily. We need more male principals at the level of our female principals. Calvin Royal III needs to be brought into more prominent roles. Are there some corps men who are being overlooked?
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