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  1. It seems to me that there are several (maybe more) members of BA who would be excellent ballet reviewers for the Times. I'm thinking of sandik, pherank, and Quiggin, since they most recently posted, among others. If anyone here would like to pitch themselves to the Times as the successor to AM, we would all certainly benefit. You probably get free tickets to performances, great seats, and maybe even a travel and entertainment expense account for interviews and travel abroad. Just a thought.....
  2. My former ballet teacher used to say that ballet is a Fine Art, like painting, and is not in the same category as other forms of dance. This is, indeed, an elitist attitude to which I wholly subscribe.
  3. I've been watching the PBS News Hour for a couple of years now, and they have an "arts" component they call "Canvas." I have never seen a single segment on ballet. Moreover, I can't remember a single segment on any form of dance. I should write to them. (Maybe we all should.) It would have been nice to see something about ABT BEFORE the opening of the Spring season. And then one afterwards.
  4. Isn't Siebert mostly a modern dance guy?
  5. Lane proved her principal dancer chops long before she was promoted to Principal Dancer, but last night she outdid herself, delivering a heart-stopping performance that took every risk and nailed it, along with her fellow principal Herman Cornejo. Her dancing was, indeed, "transcendent," as Fleurfairy noted above, both technically, and emotionally. I've long been a fan of Lane's and hope that this Manon will give her access to more performances of Giselle, Swan Lake, and Romeo and Juliet. I'd like to put in a plug here for Courtney Lavine, who is a beautiful dancer and finally got to take a curtain call outside the curtain with her fellow harlot (was that Betsy McBride?).
  6. I guess that's possible if ABT decided not to renew her contract.
  7. IIRC, and I may not, I thought the issue was that ABT took away Veronika's "contract," i.e., there are only a certain number of "contracts" available for each level of the hierarchy. My understanding is that when someone sponsors a dancer, the money doesn't go toward that dancer's salary, but into a large general pool that supports the company in various ways. The bonus for the sponsor is the fiction that they are supporting a specific dancer; but they do get to know that dancer personally.
  8. And yet, McK had no problem getting rid of Reyes, Kent, and Herrera in one swell swoop. I know there are different financial considerations at NYCB and ABT, but NYCB manages to keep a larger roster of principals. it all comes down to money for the contracts. And Part too.
  9. Plus, I don't think there is any comparison between Bell and Shayer. Bell promises to become a principal dancer and to dance the entire repertoire of leading male roles; whereas Shayer, as someone said above, is likely to remain a demi-charactere dancer. I doubt he will ever become a principal. And lord knows, the company desperately needs principal men.
  10. I thought Shevchenko was divine last night, and your description of her is right on the mark. I'm definitely going to see her Swan Lake, and any other performances of hers I can get my hands on, like Saturday night
  11. Shklyarov was the very fine Albrecht to Abrera's sublime Giselle at ABT's 75th Anniversary reunion/performance. And since I studied Russian in college, I can even pronounce it (it's quite phonetic, actually). However, I don't know who his wife is. Anybody?
  12. I apologize in advance for my very negative reaction, which is that if I never see this theater piece again, it will have already been one too many times. But I have always been a confirmed balletomane, with a taste for Twyla Tharp and a few outliers, and can't wait for the rest of the season. On the positive side, my son and his family, who drove all the way down from New Hampshire to see it, loved it a lot. I loved the book. I just wanted to see classical dancing. But--I was prepared, and happy to give my offspring an enjoyable afternoon.
  13. This isn't in the ballet Romeo and Juliet. It is likely in the suite of dances in Sleeping Beauty at the wedding , including RR Hood, Hop O' My Thumb, etc.
  14. I would definitely buy a ticket for that, and tell all my friends to do the same.
  15. Perhaps, against all odds, she is learning the role of Jane? Either as an understudy, or sometime down the road?
  16. I was going to weigh in similarly, nysusan, but you saved me the trouble, as I agree with everything you wrote, down to the final exclamation points.
  17. Thank you, Imspear. I've never heard of him. Was he associated with a ballet company during a stage career, or has he made alignment the focus of his coaching?
  18. It seemed to me that Unity Phelan, who danced Diamond last night, was even thinner than Ashley Larceny. Did anyone else notice that?
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