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  1. My understanding was that McKenzie had coached Abrera for her Giselle in Australia, which was part of an exchange program, so he was perfectly comfortable casting her with ABT that fateful (in a good way) season.
  2. I can't wait. I so much hope you are right!
  3. I am thrilled to see Shevchenko in anything. She's my go-to ballerina right now at ABT.
  4. Several years ago, Cornejo danced Romeo with (guest artist) Evgenia Obratzova, and they were both phenomenal.
  5. I would venture a guess that she is disappointed in her casting in the upcoming spring season, although there are still possibilities left open. I'm sure that if they were doing DonQ she would have gotten a Kitri. She has really paid her dues all the way from JKO, through Studio Company, through corps, and is ready for more principal roles. Someone remarked above thread that she looks so happy when she's dancing that maybe she doesn't yet have the soul for an O/O or Juliet. Does anyone think of her as a soubrette dancer?
  6. I am so sorry that Simkin isn't dancing more. He really blossomed at ABT, which helped him develop his line and his partnering. I think he owes them a couple more shows.
  7. If I remember correctly, Lane was promoted after she and Simkin had danced one of the most exquisite performances of Giselle ever, on very short notice. I don't recall what else happened that season, but perhaps there was another "save" as well.
  8. I do believe that Herrera, Kent, and Reyes did not go gentle into ABT retirement.
  9. So strange, after a fabulous success in Manon last spring.
  10. Some dancers pay for outside coaching, and it shows in their dancing. I think the particular dancer of whom we speak has taken acting lessons, but is so secure in her legs and feet that she doesn't realize anything is wrong with her upper body and port de bras. It is the responsibility of the artistic staff to educate her about this.
  11. It shouldn't have to take the presence of any single choreographer to point out a dancer's flaws, since these appear in every ballet she dances. Somebody on the artistic staff needs to coach her or else present her with the need to get an outside coach, as many dancers do. There are too many ballets I have to avoid because she is dancing the leading role.
  12. I do not think that FauxPas made any faux pas and I agree with everything said above. I saw the same program last Saturday night and was so disappointed with The Seasons, about which I'd heard such good things. With Abrera dancing the Spirit of the Corn instead of Boylston, the ballet took on a whole new elegance worthy of calling it a masterpiece. Watching T&V, I didn't see how it could be danced any faster by Devon and Cory, who seemed to fill out every musical phrase. if it were danced any faster it would have looked jerky and manic. I also want to give a shout-out to Courtney Lavine as Hail. I thought she did a beautiful job and I'm glad to see her breaking out of the corps into demi roles. And another shout-out to Zimmi Coker of the corps, who looked completely at one with the three soloists. I really enjoy seeing corps dancers getting demi roles and maybe moving up through the ranks.
  13. Thanks, Cobweb. That will help a lot sitting in the second ring. I love to sit in Row A Orchestra, but the Koch prices are prohibitive. My sweet spot is Row A second ring.
  14. Thank you, Sal. I'm going twice more this week, so it will feel better for me because I like to know who is dancing what.
  15. Was Zimmi Coker the dancer with bright red hair and Catherine Hurlin the dancer with red hair but not so bright? I was sitting in the second ring and can't quite make out the faces unless I know the dancers really well.
  16. My recollection is that when Cornejo first joined ABT he was told that he would never dance major princely roles in full-length ballets because he was too short. Then, as luck would have it, petite Xiomara Reyes joined the company, and Cornejo immediately had a partner who was just the right size. From that moment, he began to be assigned princely roles opposite Reyes as his partner. It made me so happy at the time that this was happening. His ability to take on these major roles was apparent from the get-go.
  17. Perhaps Herman's sister, Erica, is dancing the female roles? Still, the casting should show this.
  18. What is Of Love and Rage? I've never heard of it until now.
  19. ITA in the case of the non-subs to ABT this fall. The point, though, is that you can change your tickets for $20.
  20. If I'm not mistaken (and I may be), Sarah Lane has danced T&V with ABT in the past. On the matter of ticketing, when I bought my tickets I asked about changing them (e.g., for a different cast) and they said you can change your tickets for a $20 fee. I know that's yet another fee, but my understanding had been that you can't change your tickets unless you're a subscriber.
  21. I totally agree. I even bought a pair of her autographed pointe shoes, before I knew of her retirement, so I'll always remember her.
  22. This leaves open the possibility that McKenzie will want to import guest artists in the future. For a time he presided over a roster of exceptional male principals. Perhaps he never felt equal to them, and doesn't want to have that feeling again. There's obviously something going on in his brain, whether conscious (financials) or unconscious (competition). Or he's just bumbling along from season to season.
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