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  1. There has been some discussion on this board with regards to how the loss of experienced dancers in companies is affecting the development of the up and coming stars. Additionally companies are choosing to perform new repetiore rather than the older classics in an attempt to appeal to a larger audience base. It also seems to me that many schools are not including the history of dance, the music, and the history of choreography as part of the corriculum. Have others observed the same thing or is it even necessary?
  2. I am obviously missing something here but discussing international politics in this forum doesn't seem appropriate.
  3. An exciting company called the "Cuban Classical Ballet of Miami" will be performing the full length ballet "Le Corsaire" at the Fillmore Theatre (formally the Jackie Gleason Theatre) at Miami Beach on 2/28 at 8:00PM. Lorena Feijoo/Hayna Gutierrez and Miguel Angel Blanco/Taras Dimitro will perform the leading roles. Additionally there are two young up and coming American starlets, Grace-Anne Powers and Jordan Elizabeth Long that are definately worth seeing.
  4. It would be irrelevant to keep stats because of all the variables. How large is the stage? What type of floor? Who is the partner? There are many other issues as well such as artistry which would impact on how a piece should be interpreted.
  5. This is not the first time that Grace-Anne has successfully met this type of challenge while dancing for the Cuban Classical Ballet of Miami. At the last Miami International Ballet Festival she scratched the cornea of her eye the day before the Gala performance. On top of that it was decided that she would dance with Octavio Martin rather than Joseph Gatti on the day of the performance. Octavio arrived about two hours before the performance. They went through the piece twice before she danced 'Giselle' Pas de Deux, Act II while blind in one eye. Everyone was calling her Alicia after the show. She also danced 'The Slave and the Merchant' Pas de Deux with Isanusi Garcia with no rehearsal at all in a different show.
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