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  1. Since there is a topic about ballets that should not be revieved, I thought I should start a topic about ballet's that hasn't been made that you guys think should be done. A full-lenght ballet that should be made; classical, romantic, neo, or modern! I have one that I would like to see. That's Anna Karenina. Imagine dramatic pas de deuxs, beautiful ball scenes, gorgeus costumes, and music by....hhhm...why not Tchaikovsky? Any thoughts!!
  2. I can't choose one specific, but a few ones that allways makes me go..... are the pas de deuxs in John Neumeiers Lady of Camellias, and the ones in Cranko's Onegin. I think both these choreographers have done a lot of beautiful pas de deuxs....., but if have have to pick I would say Kameliendame and Onegin.
  3. And thats when Nureyev's version of the ballet comes i and makes everything logical. Since no normal guy whould fall for a bird (at least I hope not) ..??....He made the story take place in Siegfried's head, as a long day dream. The first act is as usual, but instead of going of hunting, Siegfried takes refuges in his own dreams, you know he's been brought up with to many romantic novels....! Odette and Odile are just "metafors" for his own ideals,....I guess??? and when he betrays the in his mind, he loses his reason...... thats one way to look at the story, Otherwise I guess you'll just have to go with the guy likes birds....
  4. Hi everyone!no one had posted about this, so thought I should! About 2 months ago, the Royal Swedish Ballet in Stockholm premiered a new full-lenht ballet, created on the company by Paris Opera balletmaster, and choreographer, Patrice Bart. The ballet deals with the life of the swedish King Gustav III, and his personal life..... Gustav III was the founder of the Royal swedish ballet, and the royal swedish ballet school(amongst other things)....he did a lot for swedish cultural life in his lifetime! The ballet is mostly as I said about his personal life. It's nown he had problems in his marriage, and a very strained realationship to his mother. There is also speculations about wether he was homosexual or not......but this providies for some spectalur and beautiful scenes and pas de deux. The ballet ends with the infamous murder at the masked ball at the old opera house in Stockholm!Yes he was murdered in the opera house he had founded!..... The ballet uses music by Weber, and some passages are by J.M Krauss, Gustav III,s ow favourite composer. The choreography is beautiful, (think a lot of Balanchine with beautiful groups, and complicated arm movements for the corps), and some beautiful pas de deux(a la macmillan, cranko)! And the costumes are absolutely gorgeus, 18th century style!! If you haven't had a chance to see it, they will run it again in September, October, at the start of the 2008-2009 season. There is also a review in Dance Europe, april issue. If you wish to now more, I can write a more detailed review later......... .... xl JJ
  5. Manuel Legris has stated that he will not leave at the end of this season; instead he will retire from the Paris Opera Ballet at the end of the 2008/2009 season, when the company performs Cranko's masterpiece Onegin. Legris says he's had to dreams as a dancer. The first one dancing Neumier's Lady of Camelias at the Paris Opera (one wich he already has fulfilled), and the second, dancing Onegin at the Paris Opera (wich he will be able to do next spring). It will be the perfect way of leaving the stage, in Cranko's beautiful full-lenght work, with glorius music by Tchaikovsky. The company will performe Onegin April 16-May 20, 2009.
  6. Well I simply have to say Aurelie Dupont!!!!!!!!
  7. Roberto Bolle, and Jose Manuel CarreƱo, hands down!
  8. I have to say that I disagrea with most of you. I really like what Nureyev did in his later productions for the Paris Opera Ballet, in terms of the male dancing. I really believe that adding more variations for Prince Siegfried and that variations for Rotbart in the Act III pas de deux, which originally was a pas de trois (and still is)!!Remember the pas de deux is not the same in a gala, as in it's full context..!!Rotbart's participating all the time, so it seems fair that he's given a variation. The same thing in Nureyev's Sleeping Beauty!! It's wonderful he made those beautiful variations for the Prince in the second act, since the second act really is about the Prince. It ads a nice dramatic balance. I don't really understand why people get so upset by these additional variations! In Petipa's time, it was all about the ballerina. There were no male dancing parts at all, except the bluebird in sleeping beauty. Male dancing has evolved, and thank god someone fought it just as important for the male dancer to dance in the classics, as the women. Also, almost none of the variations danced by male dancers today were choreographed by Petipa. I just wonder what is it that bother people so much? Don't you think the dance of the cygnets, for example, breaks the dramatical flow just as much?
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