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  1. antonella


    Thanks Bart, I already visited La Scala website and seen the video. I'm going to see the performance on February 24th, one of the four with Herrera and Friedeman but I know that this it not the only cast. It would interesting to read comments of people who already had the chance to see the ballet. Thank you again. Antonella
  2. antonella


    Hi all, the La Scala Theatre in Milan is going to stage Coppelia by Derek Dean, former artistic director of ENB, with Paloma Herrera and Friedman Vogel. Has anyone seen this production in the past? Any comments? Can you link me to any reviews? Thanks in advance. Antonella
  3. Hi Antonella, IMO the Collier/Dowell dvd is the best compared to the more recent ones available. It's one of the few records of Lesley Collier on film, and one of her final appearances as a Royal Ballet principal. She was a classically pure and regal Sugar Plum. Dowell is also quite excellent in this performance. Thanks Cygnet, I bought it and can't wait to see it.
  4. Hi all, for my ballet collection I'm considering to buy the 1985 performace of The Nutcracker by the Royal Ballet with Lesley Collier and Anthony Dowell (DVD). Any comments or suggestions? Do you think it is too "old" compared to more recent performances? Hope to hear from you. Thanks in advance. Antonella
  5. I came across the trailer of the film/documentary "A beautiful tragedy" by David Kinsella, on Perm State Ballet School and all those young, beautiful and talented girls driven to anorexia made me feel so sad. Has anyone seen the documentary?
  6. I came across a video of her too and I was really impressed. Have a look on Youtube: Irish Springtime - Baby Katherine Healy Ballet. I know that at one time she injured herself.
  7. Thanks for your help Alexandra. I must have it! I have a question for you, maybe you can help me also this time too. I know that tape trading is not permitted but I read in an old topic that one of the member has a documentary of the Royal Ballet School featuring a young Alessandra Ferri. Ms Ferri is my favourite ballerina and I really want to have this video. The problem is it was a TV recording so I guess it will be impossible to find it. What do you suggest me? Anyway, I will post a topic asking details to Pamela Moberg concerning the documentary. Antonella
  8. Does anyone know if Bella Figura by Kylian, a stunning choreography in my opinion, is available on DVD? And can you supply details? Thanks
  9. I read in a topic of 2006 (Alessandra Ferri to retire from ABT) that in your ballet library you have a documentary of the Royal Ballet School featuring a young Ms Ferri doing a short solo. Well, I'm a great fan of her and I'm collecting videos of her performances (by the way, do you know if ABT has released a video of her last Manon or Juliet?). Anyway, could you give me more information about that documentary and do you know where I could find it? I wrote to RBS but they told me that they just remember a documentary featuring a young Viviana Durante. I'd really love to have it! thanks for y
  10. Hi, one above all for me, though she has recently retired: Alessandra Ferri. And among the Russian, Diana Vishneva.
  11. Hi, what about Jiri Bubenicek of Dresda Statoper?
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