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  1. I have never seen them (only been to Utah once), but I keep hearing wonderful things abut them from people all over the country. I'd love to see them perform one of these days (the closest I've come is wearing their costumes-- we rented 'There is a Time' costumes from them. ).
  2. Thanks! LIBERA, Ad Deum Dance Company Houston, Barnevelder Movement/Arts Complex May 17th (8pm) and 18th (3pm) Mixed bill with There is a Time (1956) performed by guest artists of the Sandra Organ Dance Company Best in Ten, Sandra Organ Dance Company Houston, Miller Outdoor Theater (FREE admission) Saturday, May 31st (8pm)
  3. I dance with one of the companies that is listed for 'There is a Time.' We are performing it three more times this month (as part of mixed bill programs). May I list them here? I would PM you but I don't have that capability-- I'm a new member. Happy to see this thread-- this is my first time dancing any Limon works, and I love it!
  4. I saw it at the Miller this past weekend (lead by Sara Webb and Simon Ball) and loved it! I heard the Montreal performances were wonderful, as well-- the son of one of my teachers did the role of the Sorrow child, she was telling my partner and me about it. What a fabulous experience for her son to have-- touring and performing with a major ballet company at age 7! I really enjoyed your photos as well. I see you do quite a bit of work in Houston-- maybe we'll bump into each other at some point (I dance with a contemporary ballet company there).
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