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  1. Thank you Fraildove. This explains a lot, although sadly. (Among other things, the large poster of Sarafanov outside the theatre with an almost invisible "Starring Stanislav Olshanskiy" hidden at the bottom.) I certainly hope no one in the main company never signed off on this. (or Sarafanov himself.) I will add that I have seen the real company in the Kiev Opera House; and yes, anyone should go to see them when the chance arises, here or there.
  2. Sad really I think, more for the company than for us in the end. They were trying to make a name here for their 150th Anniversary. Tho' I wonder now if I will ever see him. Don't expect to be in Russia. Did see him some years ago here in NYC as a dancer at the court at Versailles in Flames of Paris, which I thought was a terrible waste.
  3. Sarafanov was scheduled to appear in Baltimore in DQ last night with the National Ballet of Ukraine, but did not. He was listed in the program they handed out in the theatre and on the website; and no announcement was made from the stage. Nevertheless he was not dancing. (I was there.) Does anyone have any idea what happened?
  4. Hello Abatt This link is still live, and although Sarafanov's name had been dropped from this page, it still appeared on the "casting" link (now dead) a day or two before the performance. Also, if you look at the last 2 of the clips shown here, he is practicing with this group in the same pieces, quite recently. http://www.nycitycenter.org/tickets/productionnew.aspx?performanceNumber=6249 Oh well, more than I need to know. I agree with you........with the exception of Vasiliev's piece, the choreography made the rest of them look like they had a serious nervous disorder. And yes, Hallberg's outfit was pathetic.
  5. Vasiliev's solo last night was one of the most magnificent pieces I have ever seen on stage. Labyrinth of Solitude, Music was Vitali's Ciaconne in G Minor, Choreography by Patrick de Bana. His expressiveness and movement showed an aspect of his ability which I have never seen before. Leonid Sarafanov, formerly of the Kirov and now also with the Mikhailovsky, had been scheduled to appear......was even listed yesterday on the website......but was not there, and there was no mention of him in the program. Anyone know what happened?
  6. I have to add that Bolle did 32 entrechats six last night at the Met, which I don't believe I have ever seen in my 6 years of going to ABT, and to many Giselles. His arms were at his side throughout, and it was only in the last 5 or 6 that he began to show even slight evidence of tiring. I thought his dancing throughout was the best I've seen him, since the incomparable evenings with Ferri in Manon a few years ago. I actually wish I had not been counting, since I feel I lost some of the effect of it!
  7. Here's one brief review. Is it clear to anyone how much of the choreography is Ashton's and how much Shaufuss'? http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/206134
  8. I was at the performance this afternoon, and during first intermission asked one of the Kennedy Center staff whom I was told "would know" about Vasiliev and Osipova. He said that Vasiliev had fallen twice on the stage yesterday and was injured, and that Osipova was in the hospital. I believe some of you were there yesterday......Is this correct about his fall(s)? I asked another staff member (not just an usher) who said they had had no confirmed report but had simply been told that the shift "was in the best interest of the dancers". I can appreciate what someone said in the thread about the Bolshoi's casting changes: I had purchased tickets originally to see Vasiliev and Osipova Fri. night as well, so I ended up not seeing them at all (as was the case at YAGP in NYC this spring.)
  9. My first post, and I cannot think of a happier topic. I agree that Vasiliev/Osipova were breath taking, and also that he is not the "next" anyone. I commented to a friend who was not there, that it did not seem at all as if I were watching him in a "role", but rather that I was looking at someone who happened to drop by and wanted to dance for us, enjoying being with the audience I think as much as we did being with him. I noticed that he has a website which is only in Russian........www.ivanvasiliev.ru/. I believe it may list his future performances; but I wonder generally how others participating here alert themselves to when/where their favorite dancers will be appearing, if the dancer has no website which we can follow. Perhaps the "Heads Up" forum does this in part? Jim Davis New York
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