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  1. Hello Marc i am thrilled and impressed by the sensible and rather thoughtfull comments of everyone , by the way thanks to all , but i keep wondering the same thing i feel a bit lost for not reading any regards concerning really detailed comments about the dancers thecnique and qualities. Anyway again thanks everyone !
  2. Thank you very much Kevin NG it's just that i was a bit confused about the way you used the word : poise.It means balance and composure indeed but might mean a particular way of carrying oneself wich defines Style as well.I got a bit lost about your "general comment".
  3. Kevin NG thanks for your review(Ruzimatov Gala in St Petersburg) but i'd like to know what exactly do you mean by : "Tarasova had a strong leg work , and danced with poise and style" .What do you understand by dance with poise ???
  4. She is the one ! she has Guillem's flexibility and dancer's dreaming body...the russian art and spirit....the perfect mastering of the thecnique and brave russian school ...the elegance of the french school....the virtuosism of the italian school , and is so young and beautiful!!! Makes me and everyone that loves ballet happy to see such a star arising on the new horizon !
  5. To me she's the most lovely nw promise from St Petersburg! she's superb.Anyone news about her ?
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