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  1. I believe she did it at an awards show? Perhaps Kennedy Center Honors?
  2. Major SNOOZE There's a reason why those drawings are kept in a MUSEUM. You look at the photo of Helpman and it's obvious that he wouldn't have had the strength to do the one handed knee fish dive in the pas de deux. But the art and dancers evolve... and so do the audiences. If I wanted to see the original footage, I'd watch a video at the library. I see the value of studying the notations and incorporating into the choreography, but I really don't understand why a reconstruction of the ballet done in the 1800s is something that should be in the permanent rep. There's a lack of understanding of what ABT needs today to keep fresh and relevant in the modern times.
  3. What really??? I think a return performance from Gomes in that role is well worth it! HAHA
  4. I'm surprised these videos are public...
  5. The complaint lists that photos of NYCB female dancers were shared, but what complicates this is knowing that many male dancers date female dancers in company. There leaves open the possibility that nude photos were taken willingly but the sharing was unknown. The way the complaint is written, it almost suggests that the male dancers were taking photos of the women without their knowing and then distributing. If anyone remembers reading otherwise, I am open to being corrected.
  6. Other than the ones you mentioned and Kelley Potter, any other roster changes? Oh, I remember the dancer known as Bruce (can't remember his "real" name) also mentioned he was leaving.
  7. I mean is Ferri even in retirement if she's danced in the last 3 Met seasons?
  8. How is this as an example of "on the count" fouettes? Sorry could not embed, but worth checking Nina Ananiashvilli's fouettes! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ky_bW3T60J0
  9. Especially frustrating today was an email from ABT advertising 25% off tickets to Giselle. I had purchased a few Giselle performances at full-price with my subscription and now wish I had been able to get 25% off w/ their promo code. Feels like the subscriber benefit to lock in pricing before dynamic pricing went into affect is not such a benefit in this case.
  10. Do you think it's possible that Lendorf hasn't learned Romeo yet (?) and that's why they took him out? I think he's done Solor before, so maybe he just needs to get in shape for the role instead of learning it.
  11. CubanMiamiBoy posted this video in another thread, and I thought it was good example to add to this discussion. Here is an example of someone who (IMO) makes the fouettes mesmerizing. There's something about seeing her face whip around so many times in succession and to the music that makes Tiler's fouettes hypnotic. Can't stop watching these
  12. Several of the dancers posted on their public instagrams details about the negotiations, so it's not surprising that this got picked up by reporters.
  13. I read your comment before watching the video and expected much worse than what I saw. There was little traveling, every fouette was executed completely and cleanly and she finished without a stumble. Not a disaster, in my opinion, but we're all allowed our own. Some of the disadvantage might be how close the camera is and the angle from the wings. I bet from the audience perspective, it looked quite different.
  14. She did sort of stumble out of it, didn't finish in a pirouette, maybe sort of hit a fourth position. at first i thought she was going to run off to the side but she ended up doing a long pique attitude (back bent, swan style) to fill the music. hope that helps?? Hard to describe. It was less "disasterous" than what Hee Seo did last night.
  15. I was paying attention and thought she got very close to finishing all 32 counts of fouettes (with the doubles interspersed it is nearly impossible to do 32 fouettes in 32 counts).... I would say probably 26-28 counts. Not sure where you got 16?
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