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  1. Well two more performances of Manon to look forward to the first in October this year at the ROH, when I am introducing my friend who is just beginning to enjoy Ballet, and the second 2015 in Paris for Aurelie Dupont's retirement performance. This is going to be very imotive full of tears and cheers as Aurelie herself has said. Cant wait to see them. Have been watching the DVD;s recently. As soion as the port scene starts I get a lump in my throat. It will bde very emotional with Sir Kenny and now David Wall gone, as well as Aurelie retiring, at least she can pass on er performance skills now she is to be Ballet Mistress at the POB in the future.

  2. It looks as if the date for Aurelie's final performance in Manon is on the 18th May 2015, the ticket price is higher for this date as well can anyone confirm this (subject to change). I think booking opens in November

    2014 so I rally want to go.

  3. I am feeling pretty sick about Miss Somovo taking over the performance, I really do not like her at all, There are so many better alternatives who could have been chosen. I am only going with a close friend who has always wanted to see Swan Lake, it would not have been my choice. Having experienced it for years when working with The Royal Ballet and other visiting companies I could have seen something different. Oh well that's life I suppose. I have poste

    d a message on the Mariinsky Facebook page.

  4. I certainly think you have a point there, it kind of maybe? suggests the point of injury, as the distributions were so very late in coming out, (the day before the run started). It seems strange to tag a guest artist on right at the end for such a small number of performances. Is the POB getting short of Etoile's to be able to maintain their own personnel' Or just is it due to the changeover of Artistic Director?

  5. Aurelie did say she was giving the younger dancers a chance now, referring to Sleeping Beauty, as she did not feel she could give a acceptable standard of performance now, and that was not fair to an audience. I can see her point that it is in fact a mammoth task and must be very stressful. When you think of how Margot Fonteyn had to carry on to pay her husbands medical bills, it makes you realise the sacrifice that is made by stars without the security that POB enjoys.

  6. I did try to go to see Robbins/Ratmansky but the distribution only appeared on the 18th as the run opened on the 19th !!!! Which meant there was no chance for getting onto Eurostar. Actually in the end it was for the best as Aurelie only danced for a very short time in the end of Daces at the gathering.. It was hardly worth her being in the theatre for. I did actually get to see the performance that was broadcast on my computer, I wonder if Aurelie is okay as she has withdrawn recently from distributions, I wondered if she was injured again. I cannot help thinking if she will manage to perform a full evening with Manon in 2015.

  7. Well we all now know what the near future at least holds for Aurelie, she has been promoted to Ballet Mistress, after Laurent Hiliare's departure. which will be filled by Clotilde Vayer, the current Ballet Mistress. leaving the position vacant for Aurelie. I think this is good news, giving her the chance to make her mark on performances.

  8. This is quite an achievement for the company, I like Svetlana Lunkina a lot, and wish her every success in both her new country and company. Evan Mackie as well I am sure he will be a great asset to them.

  9. After Aurelia's out spoken remarks I think she will definately be an under standing coach, in a clip from the filming of a fashion video she is seen with her progeny as their Petite Mammon talking to four girls There does not seem to be any harsh words only kindness. In the documentary that Cedric Klaplish made about Aurelie. her relationship with Clotilde Vayer seemed very close, which will be very good for her, as she will be taking over from Laurent Hillarie who is leaving. The fact that Aurelie has children of her own, must mean she is used to dealing with young people. Her husband Jeremie Belingard is known as a comedian and is considerate and pleasant so it would seem she enjoys a life full of happiness and laughter, so surely this will follow into her new career. You can see Aurelie collapse on the floor with exhaustion as people in the back ground laugh in Nicholas Le Riche's documentary and the other by Klaplish letting us see her sense of humour.

  10. I agree that Bridgitte Lefevre's rather obvious support of candidates for the position of Artistic Director was somewhat seen as unwise by people, but if her actions were to try and ensure that her successor came from the ranks of the company is to be admired. But it would appear in vain, which is a great mis justice to the heritage of the company and school. Mr Millipied has already criticised the long established style of the dancers, wanting to make them more . like ABT. Quite what he means by this I do not know. Virtuosity is their style, not the well schooled and quality of the POB. When you look at ABT they are a very mixed bunch of people from different countries and techniques. The POB can jump, turn, as well as any other company, but with the added bonus of a thorough grounding in their art which has existed for 300 years. Can he keep up with the reputation and continue in the same vein allowing the coaches and artistic stiff to use their experience to keep POB on a level we are used to, or will it deteriate and loose it's kudos under his control, we will have no alternative than to wait and see

  11. I think it is wonderful that Aurelie Dupont has been appointed to replace Clotilde Vayer, with her qualities as a Dancer and temperament I think she will prove to be a great support to the company. To suggest "she cannot use her face is ridiculous, her way of portraying a role is subtitle, she does not go over the top, her movements are lyrical and filled with style and musicality. If she can pass this on it will be a benefit to others. However of course a dancers style is born not created in a studio. As a person Aurelie is kind and under standing, and it is well known about her re-actions to the treatment of people in the school and the need to support and help progressing dancers who have problems or need understanding. After meeting her now after many performances I personally wish her the very best in her new career and am sure she will do the job very well.

  12. Could one of our French members please tell me where the door is. If you are facing the main entrance to the theatre is it to the left or right, and do you need to walk round the side until you see 120 Rue de Lyon please ? Thank you for your help, I know the Garnier but have only been to the Bastille Opera a couple of times.

  13. Does anyone know what Aurelie is dancing in for the 2014/15 season, Manon is very late way past January when it is her birthday In which she stated she would make her final performance, after Le Parc earlier, she did say she would not have much to do, Maybe Anatomies de la Sensation, Wayne Mc Gregor, and working with Benjamin Millipede new ballet. With the POB hopeless casting release procedure it is very difficult to arrange every thing so late. Thank you for any information.

  14. I did not even consider I would need to have a fall back, I went solely for that one performance, of course one is prepared to illness, injury or cast changes. Thank goodness we do not get strikes in the UK without some publicity. Having been involved in the professional world of ballet for many years, unless my memory is failing me, I cannot remember Dancers going on strike, and they were never as privileged as a lot of other companies.

  15. I most certainly did not know anything about the strike, the first I knew was when I actually arrived at the theatre. The opera knows my email address as I have a Opera Card, so why could they not advise me. I found the details of a 24hr strike on 12th on the internet after I returned home. under the Hellos - France Alliance, which was a cultural agreement with very similar connotations in liaison with the Public Employees Union. Seems a bit of a coincidence that the times and dates are identical. .

  16. Since getting back from Paris, I have reviewed the situation and researched strikes at the time. I found out there was 2 strikes to be instigated by the Public Employees Union including the 12th March for 24 hours. In connection with the Hellas-France Alliance a cultural association between the two countries. In support of the Greek economic situation. Quite frankly this astounds me, and I strongly object to being effected by something I do not subscribe to or have no connection with. The performance was still showing on the Internet before I left home that morning, with the availability to book. I find it un acceptable for the Opera to invite international audiences then treat them like this with no warning whatsoever, We were able to get our ticket and programme money back, but that still leaves me nearly 300 euro's out of pocket for nothing. The fact that the audience provide support and valuable income to the organisation seems to have no meaning to them, they may well be subsidized by the government, but without the revenue from performances and friends of the Opera their financial standing would be very different. I am very much in support of people's rights but cutting off half the hand that provides for you does not make for a better workman.

  17. I have just returned from a quick trip to Paris to see the programme above, and was very disappointed to learn that the performance had been cancelled due to a strike by the Dancer's. We were sent to the Box office to claim reimbursement of our ticket price. But no explanation of the reason this drastic action was taken by the performers which totally ruined the audiences evening. I was wondering if any of our French members know more about the situation . There are now some interesting video's posted showing excerpts from the work, featuring Aurelie Dupont and Nicholas Le Riche which makes it even more regrettable that we were unable to see the performance we had booked to attend,

  18. There seems to be some changes to Aurelie retiring with Manon in January 2014 (which was wrong anyway)Now the calendar for the 2014/2015 season has been announced by POB, the production is not performed until April/May 2015. If I remember correctly she told me when I met her after Le Parc, she did not have a lot to do next season. Hopefully this will be clarified after the various distributions are announced.

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