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  1. Hello Webmaster for Ballet San Jose! So glad you could join in. I just heard of this group and I am glad you have your video's working so beautifully! I just logged in to see Blue Suede Shoes! What a delight.. I'll be watching for upcoming events. I just flew up for the weekend a few weeks ago to see the Nutcracker. I enjoyed that so much- regards to the company for me! Desertrose
  2. Thank you for the nice invitation. I just happened to stumble on this web site, however, anything yu need to know about the company check out the web site. balletsanjose.org and all about the company. Each dancer has his or her own style, and they seem to all fit in every dance and character they do. The company is planning a tour to five cities in China this spring. Its the first time anything like this has ever been done. They have been invited to tour. I keep up because I am a close fan of this company since I was a kid. They used to be Cleveland San Jose Ballet, and when in San Jose they were the San Jose Cleveland ballet, sister companies for a long time. Karen Gabay has been with the company for years and still dances with utmost class and grace. Check it out sometime. They were the first company to sign on Elvis Presley music and did Blue Suede Shoes in 1997. Before that the first Rock Ballet in the middle 90's- after they did this, other companies copied their style... interesting ah?
  3. Have you seen the new lighting in the Ballet San Jose version? It was an awesome sight. The costumes, lighting, staging- And comedy to boot... the snow flake dancers were floating on stage. It was enlightening to see all the adults and children enjoying such a tradition. The company dancers are truly professional bravo- to Ballet San Jose!
  4. I was searching around and came upon this web-site. I just returned from San Jose and saw the traditional NUTCRACKER, and wondered why no one on this site has mentioned Ballet San Jose, or Dennis Nahat as a gifted and creative Choregrapher? I have seen this company over the many years, and nothing has ever been mentioned about the talented group of dancers and the accomplishments of this troupe.. Why?
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