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  1. When Hee Seo spoke at an ABT interview last month, she told us how to pronounce her name. She said that the correct pronunciation is SUH.
  2. I have asked several Japanese people and they have said that Yuriko's name is pronounced YUR - EE - KO with the stress on the first syllable. Her last name is pronounced KA - JEE - AH with the stress on the second syllable. Russian speakers have told me that Osipova's name is pronounced with the stress on the first syllable - AW - SEE PO- VA.
  3. I have one extra ticket for the Paul Taylor dancers at Lincoln Center on Sunday, March 16th at 2 PM. The ticket is in the first ring in the middle of row B. The price is $84.50. Please PM me if you are interested in buying this ticket.
  4. I saw the first 4 performances of Giselle this week. I thought that Julie Kent (with Marcello) created the best version of Giselle. Her lightness and lovely arms were especially beautiful. Of course, Marcello's performance was excellent. But the outstanding performace of the four I saw was Herman Cornejo's. His dancing was superb, his brisees in act 2 were gorgeous and his acting was overwhelmingly thrilling. On the other hand, Reyes had a major problem with the hops in act 1. I agree with the others who were in Chicago that the corps dancers were lovely.
  5. Hee Seo performed the Lilac Fairy on Thursday.
  6. Hee Seo performed the Lilac Fairy on Thursday.
  7. I was able to hear Ratmansky's description of ABT's new ballet, then I saw the rehearsal on Friday and saw both casts in the ballet. The ballet is perfect for ABT since it gives opportunities to so many of the younger dancers because there are many solo roles. I especially appreciated Maria Riccetto whose spirited acting and dancing were very exciting. Craig Salstein also displayed his strong acting skills and his talent for comedy as well as his balletic technique. David Hallberg and Daniil Simkin had completely different interpretations of the 'ballerina' role. Because of his size, David emp
  8. I have two single tickets for Lady of the Camellias. One is for Saturday, June 5th at 2PM. The seat is in the first row of a center box in the Parterre. The face value is $175. The second is for Saturday, June 5th at 8PM. The seat is in the center of the Grand Tier in row B. The face value is $111. Please contact me at vberlin@earthlink.net Best offer accepted.
  9. I attended the Wednesday evening performance with Yuriko Kajiya's debut as Gamzatti. I had expected her lovely style and excellent technique, but especially enjoyed her approach to the role. Many of the dancers depict Gamzatti as extremely cold and demanding. While Yuriko was clearly the Rajah's daughter, she was also a woman desperately in love with Solor. In all of their interactions, she kept trying to seduce him to fall in love with her. I'm eagerly awaiting her debuts in ABT's other full length ballets.
  10. I thought much better of Veronika's performance than you did, I think. She got much more smoothly through the scarf section than did any of the dancers I saw from the Kirov in April. I agree with you on Gomes' Solor, but not on Michelle Wiles. She is not a dancer I particularly enjoy, but I usually find her technically solid. Her Gamzatti however did nothing for me. She was fine during the mime scenes, but she seemed to interpret the unlikeability of the character as a reason to dance with a harshness and brittleness that I found unattractive. I think someone mentioned it on ballettalk earli
  11. I was so pleased to be there for her debut. I've been watching her for several years and was thrilled by her performance yesterday. Her technique was excellent and she glowed during the entire evening. I was also happy to be at the Met for Stearns' debut. However, I thought that he'll need a good deal of coaching to be able to dance Conrad's role properly. He got through the steps, but he didn't exhibit any of the strength which Conrad represents. In addition, in his relationship with Irina, he seemed extremely nervous. There was no sense of the passion which we saw in Marcello's or David's
  12. I decided to travel from NY to Washington DC to see Cornejo and Reyes in The Nutcracker. I hadn't seen it since the days of Baryshnikov and had forgotten that Kevin McKenzie had rechoreographed the ballet. In the Baryshnikov version, Clara and the Nutcracker dance together in the first act and in much of the second. McKenzie separates their roles and those for the Sugar Plum Fairy and her Cavalier. As a result, Reyes and Cornejo danced only the final pas de deux. In addition, most of the new choreography was quite bland. The exceptions were the Waltz of the Flowers which was created by John
  13. VirginiaB

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    I've been reading the items on this web site for several months and have enjoyed doing so very much. I am an enthusiastic ballet fan and especially enjoy ABT. I attend almost all of their performances in NYC and also sometimes see them in Chicago or Washington DC. In April and May, I will be in Paris (4/29-5/6) and then I will be in London until 5/13. I am very interested in attending ballet performances in both cities. Could someone please tell me web sites where I can get ballet schedules and order tickets to the ballet.
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