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  1. So did I, canbelto! Kelli O'Hara was divine and the Too Darn Hot number was exhilarating! Try dancing that 8 times a week - whew!
  2. For those in the know: I'm confused by the various German ballet companies. Is this the one Daniil is now with? Where does Polina Semionova dance? Can someone enlighten me? Thanks in advance!
  3. I think a co-AD situation would work with Jonathon Stafford and Wendy Whalen. He's had the years experience and she is the much-loved former ballerina who could be the "face" of the company/fundraiser. I realize this is an extremely simplified definition and doesn't tick all the job description boxes. But this would allow others in the interim team to get back to their original jobs full time and by keeping Stafford would recognize the effort they've put in over the last year.
  4. Thank you, Cristian! And I echo your sentiments to one and all!
  5. I must agree re Ashley Laracey. In a recent IG post with Troy on a Nutcracker gig, she looked alarmingly thin.
  6. Me too, Nanushka! This is my dream partnership!
  7. I fell in love with the Ratmansky Nutcracker from the first time I saw it! I love the opening scene in the kitchen and then opening up to the party scene. So much good acting goes on, it's hard to decide where to look. And I think the snowflake scene going from lovely to sinister is masterful. The young Clara and the Nutcracker prince dancing alongside their adult selves always moves me. I also love the colorful costumes. I'm sad it's left the east coast and keep hoping there might be some way to perform on both coasts at some point. I feel much the same way California does about the Balanchine version - I'd be happy to see clips, especially Dewdrop. Sorry to be bah humbug, I know legions of ballet goers love this version and always will!
  8. Cristian, I believe it's next weekend in NYC. I thought about going but also thought it seemed a bit iffy and what with all the craziness of the season, I decided to pass on it. I hope someone goes and look forward to their report.
  9. Barbara

    Kathryn Morgan

    I agree with the Washington Ballet and Pennsylvania Ballet suggestions, probably weighted more toward Washington and Julie Kent. She's never mentioned it but I think she'd look lovely in the Ashton rep so maybe Sarasota Ballet?
  10. I must admit that I've never heard her sing but have always thought she had the most beautiful sounding name. RIP.
  11. I'd rather see Shevchenko or Teuscher get a Manon with Hallberg rather than Boylston. But if he does indeed do Swan with Boylston I'd give that a go based on reviews.
  12. Salty, I like that description and share it. Guest artist, I'm afraid so. Misty/Manon - No!
  13. abatt, I don't choose Boylston in the tragic romantic roles but she did get very good reviews in Swan Lake or Giselle (can't remember which) last spring season. I'm still skeptical though, and frustrated that she'd be cast with Hallberg who is a much better fit with Stella imo.
  14. I realize the dancers don't owe the public anything but I think what On Pointe says is true. I would appreciate seeing some kind of press release or social media statement from the dancers with even a vague explanation. I assume someone is advising them about this kind of action.
  15. Has anyone mentioned Philip Neal as a possibility? (It maybe up thread) I heard him interviewed on Conversations on Dance and he was very interesting and passionate about passing on his expertise and growing the "next generation" but he also did sound very happy where he was. Also I'm not sure of his age. https://www.strazcenter.org/Next-Generation-Ballet
  16. Thank you, FauxPas. I did see this post but did not take the time to read the hashtags or the comments to understand fully what she was saying. I'm very sorry to hear this and wish Elina all the best in the future.
  17. This is the first I've heard about Elina Miettinen leaving the company. I always noticed her and will miss her presence. I follow her on instagram and must have missed any mention of it. She does seem to do a little acting/modeling and product endorsement so perhaps that's what she'll pursue. Has anyone knowledge of her plans?
  18. I'm intrigued by many of these suggestions but with one caveat. There is sure to be poor morale if someone is brought in IF some of the current taller male soloists aren't also given opportunities in the full lengths. I'm thinking of Hoven but Forster in particular. My choice would be to hire someone exciting from outside who knows the full length rep, promote Gabe Shayer to soloist this year, give Forster and Hoven real opportunities to test them out, and if one of them seems to have the goods, promote them pronto. Also hoping Lendorf can return soon. I believe he could partner both the shorter and taller women.
  19. Pleeease Mr. McKenzie, use Tom Forster!
  20. I feel the same about Fang - I cannot take my eyes off her. I think she always shows a little something extra. So happy for her and the C/Katherines!
  21. I agree with all of the comments above about the entire cast. Oh, let's not forget Alexandra Basmagy-Diaz's beautiful debut as Lady Capulet. Also seduced, if I may say, by Hammoudi's Tybalt. He may have been a character actor/dancer disguised as a leading man all this time. I haven't enjoyed him this much in a long time.
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