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  1. Thanks for the welcome. The truth is that my knowledge about both of these ballets is very limited. I know that only "The inspiration" was known for being coreographed by Vlasov but not more than that. I am doing some research for I am currently writing a novel and both of these ballets come to interest for they were danced by my grandmother, a wonderfull equatorian dancer from the 60s (her name was Noralma Vera... just in case ) . The earliest work she made was precisely both these ballets. The coreographer was a yugoslavian dancer named Kitty Sakilarides. I have only pictures from the bal
  2. I would like information about a ballet called "Prelude". The music is from Rachmaninoff. I've been trying to gather information about it but have been unlucky. Also "The Inspiration" from Vlasov. The general storyline of the latter is about a painter who dreams about an image from his paintings, similar to the legend of Pigmalion. If anybody has a site to refer to me where i can find detailed information (storyline, acts, music, sceanary etc.) about these ballets, or has the time to inform me themsleves, I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
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