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  1. Certainly a grand list, and I agree with them all, but it would need to be the top 15 for me. Of course, Tchaikovsky would need to make the top 10 for me, and somewhere in there also would be Chopin, Dvorak and Grieg.
  2. "I meant another pizza place with full seating and a full menu. Darn, I know Traviata and this is another place, west side of Broadway between 67th and 68th. " I am pretty sure that you are thinking of Francesco's. Place is long and narrow, but many tables, and really good pizzas and other take-out food.
  3. Balanchinette...I agree about Tess' abilities, although I haven't seen her in this role. Might you be able to tell us if this is unusual, using a taller dancer in the role of Balanchine's Dew Drop? I have never seen it done. Is it often done at NYBC?
  4. It has been recommended that I post on this board to inquire. My husband will be working in the Stuttgart area throughout the first week of May. He discovered that he is able to attend Giselle within this time. However, he discovered that they have sold out. Would anyone have an idea if there is another avenue for him to obtain a single ticket to attend a performance while he is there? He would enjoy seeing this ballet, as it isn't often that he gets to Europe. Any thoughts or experience in this? Thank you!
  5. Thank you for the suggestions. I have been going through search engines to no avail. The Stravinsky database was a great find. That said, does anyone know about any choreography set to the music of Dvorak and Grieg in the repertoire of companies in the Northeast US? I have always thought that many of their pieces would be well-suited for ballet.
  6. I would like to know if some of my favorite musical scores have been used to set ballets upon. Is there a clearinghouse sort of website that I can use to this end? I know of the major ones, of course, but there are some that I'm hoping may have been used that I'm just unaware of. Thank you.
  7. "Anyone else there? I thought that the company looked terrific, and that it was an excellent night of ballet and music." Yes, I am so happy to finally be able to say that I was there! It was the first NYCB for my husband and me and we were totally overwhelmed. It was beautiful and pure delight to see pieces that I'd only ever read about, or seen snips of on Youtube. We were delighted to see a few finely-tuned, beautiful dancers who we'd known growing up in our local school and whom we hadn't seen since then. This company is absolutely wonderful to us, based on that first, glorious experience. For me Concerto Barocco was over the top energy to me. The dancers move so fast, all the time, as we'd known the Balanchine style to be famous for. The music, a long favorite of mine, with this ballet set to it...just altogether lovely. I enjoyed La Valse and thought it very well-danced and clever. So elegant and big drama. My husband decided his favorite was the Tchaikovsky Pas, and then we both were thrilled to see the Four T's. I read the above comments on individual dancers in this program, and could agree on all of them. Such individual successes throughout each piece. It was impossible for me to tell the novices from the seasoned dancers as well. This is not any attempt to make a critique of the show, just a first timer's breathless wonder at the experience. I doubt that I could find fault with any of it as the seasoned ballet goers are able to discern. I simply enjoyed each dancer giving up what they had for us, and it was an evening to remember. It was a privilege to be among those who were there, watching those dancers. We also enjoyed seeing the other people at the show, the city life and style. We look forward to seeing more, and will try to make more frequent attempts in the future. Again, I must say that I enjoy reading and learning from this discussion board. I kept an eye out for you...were you the lady scribbling notes in the program seated in front of me? Might you have been the young dancer-type sitting beside me sharing with your friend what sounded like genuine knowledge about so many of the dancers? Were you the mother of the little girl who sat so still and well-behaved and in complete absorption, even though you were sitting a few rows behind her? Were you the proud parents of one of those amazing dancers? Did you call out the first Brava or Bravo? Might you have been one of the many posters on this board who write so descriptively and make me jealous of you that I don't live near NYC?
  8. Hello...I am a frequent reader of this site but this is my first post. I learn so much here! I can't tell you how interesting this story about Jasinski has been to me and my extended family. My cousin's daughter married a Pole with this name, who emigrated to Canada as a child. They have young children who are studying ballet, a girl, 9 and a boy, 5. While I know that it is a long shot for a shared family history, I have sent them the links to check out. I urged them to look into this biography to see if they are aware of any connection. I am smiling because their children are both loving ballet, making excellent progress, I am told, and it would be so neat for them to have this connection. Luckily his mother, though elderly, is quite clear mentally, so they might be able to extract some information that could help them to see if there is anything there. In any case, just sharing the name should be an inspiration to these children, if they take their ballet to a more serious level as they get older.
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