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  1. I guess I'm going to bring this thread back to life. I, too, have questions on Gautier and his role in the dance world. (I do read French, though, and actually I'm trying to do as much research in French rather than English)


    I know that Gautier himself wrote the ballet Giselle for Carlotta. Also, he is credited for having part in Paquita, PAquerette and Don Q....but how? Did he write somethign that contributed to them or how is he associated? Any other ballets he contributed to? I know he was also a critic (when? for whom?)

    Giselle, I know he took his inspirtation from a story he read by a german writer about the wilis and from there is born his story of giselle but what abput his other ballets? Do any of his lterary or poetic works have anything to do with the other ballets?

    Thanks for any information you can give or point me to

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