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  1. The NYTimes highlight clips take me back to that incredible night. It also means that there is a video of Ferri's farewell performance! Hmmmm.... Also, on the NYMagazine website: NYMag.com, there is a video interview with Roberto Bolle and it has video footage of him rehearsing Romeo at the Met with ABT ballet mistress Georgina Parkinson. What a beautiful, beautiful man and dancer.
  2. http://www.nytimes.com/pages/arts/index.html You see nice bits of the performance, Bolle's famous shoulder beds in a Balony Lift, Franklin performing holy duties, the final death of Ferri, flowers, including Franklin's for Ferri, celebrants, her bows... This means that there is a video record of Ferri's farewell performance! Thanks for the link. Wish that I coould get a hold of that video! I wanna relive that incredible evening. They did tape Ferri's last scheduled Manon for the library so that one can watch it there. I do think that Alex was unfairly not given the coverage she deserves
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