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  1. I just saw it!! So excited to have this jewel of a ballet in its purest form of existence right now!! Bring the recon on Mr. Ratmansky!!🥰🥰🥰🥰
  2. Iliana danced the lead in that performance. She was always a beautiful dancer. You too stay safe!
  3. I saw Gamonet's Carmen years ago when there was the "Ballet Gamonet" here in Miami. It was quite pleasant.
  4. Nothing new. Just like our current Hollywood "Shrines of Morality", #TheyKnew
  5. Don't remind me that I jumped on a plane once to see this. All my recollections are of Marcelo Ina huge beard looking like Moses and a frikin' boat spinning onstage. I slept through the whole thing. His LHBH and Anna Karenina-(saw them both in Russia)- I also found soporific as well. Not a fan at all of his own material, but certainly love his reconstructions.
  6. Or how about partnering issues..? If you remember Volochkova's case at the Bolshoi, it wasn't that much of how she looked vs. finding adequate partners for her.
  7. Lourdes agreeing with Morgan's message of encouragement doesn't necessarily equals Lourdes agreeing on Morgan looking adequate in the Firebird's leotard.
  8. If anything...I just really hope Morgan can eventually enjoy her dancing down here, even if it's less than what she expected. And this not only in terms of repertoire, but as a part of a troupe. I keep repeating that MCB is a tight bunch. I see them at the beach together...at the cafes around the city etc. What Morgan should NOT follow are Messmer's steps. The feeling of being an outcast. If she gets there her joy will be certainly jeopardized.
  9. Lauren Fadeley is her name. And she is more the muscular, tall type vs Morgan's hypothyroidism related weight.
  10. Again ..I can't stress enough the fact that MCB is a company of VERY petite dancers. Nathalia Arja, the Firebird, Is even smaller than Erica Pereira. The size difference during Slaughter was very obvious. I have the feeling that there was probably a deal for Morgan to get the role on the premises that she continued losing weight. And it just didn't happen. I think all performances were danced by Arja.
  11. 1- Wouldn't it be Lourdes herself who pulled her out of a role she very much wanted to dance....? 2- That's not what I got from the teary video. She clearly feels she was prepared for the role. She clearly states she was pulled out at the last minute. And she was emotional about it. And yes...the biggest picture here is definitely her message to the vulnerable teens that the world won't come to an end if you're not selected for Firebird based on your weight. That life goes on and can be enjoyable even without that role.
  12. I think it is wonderful to be the voice against anorexia, bulimia and body shaming. I think it is fair to be upset because you were pulled out of a role at the last minute. To think that with the evident weight difference with that of the rest of a whole company you won't be challenged to change it-( which I believe there are many healthy, comprehensive ways to do it)- is delusional. Exposing problems within the enclosed world of ballet-( just as Kirkland did with drugs, Volochkova with weight or Waterbury with non consensual sex stuff)- is always controversial. The one thing that I see comes up as very positive with Morgan might be getting the message to vulnerable teenagers on how to live with the fact that your body will never be the one that ballet companies look for, and still be happy. Morgan speaking about "unfair" casting decisions with her company on social media is not, in my book, a smart move. Remember Womack.
  13. I only saw her as the Striptease girl in Slaughter, which is a minor, heeled, non tutu role. MCB is a company of petite ballerinas, so her weight looked quite disproportionate from the rest of the cast. Dancing wise, that role is just all about grand battements, and she showed very adequate extensions.
  14. For what I saw in "Slaughter..", she's definitely NOT in tutu shape yet.
  15. Definitely. Say what you want, but an Odile escaping/avoiding her 32 fouettes will be remembered for such. On the other side, an Aurora shaking like an earthquake and unable to keep those balances sharply during her Rose Adagio will also be very noticeable.
  16. Well, they still depicts fat ladies though...😁
  17. There's no performance that I don't have to shush, give evil eye or both to someone. The most common offense is those damned candy wrappers, and the excruciating amount of time people seem to have to keep twisting them, folding them and doing the inexplicable after the candy is already in the mouth. UNWRAP YOUR CANDY AND PLACE IT IN A CLOTH PIECE BEFORE GETTING INTO THE HALL FOR GOD'S SAKE!!!!
  18. And that's it my friends. I'm heading back to Miami in the morning. I truly enjoyed this run of SL, bad production and all. Who's getting the fouettenometer torch...? I need to pass it over...!😆
  19. Gordon was SUPERB too!! He handled Peck with such care as if she was really Elizabeth Queen of England. And he really shone during his variations-(both white and black acts)- and coda in the drawing room act. He has quite a balloon!! He really floated around the stage. Fouettenometer alert! She did wonderful. She did one to two, meaning one fouette to one double pirouette, finishing with singles, on music and on pointe!
  20. Tiler Peck is on. I purposely sat on first circle right to scrutinize her Odette. My God ..this woman IS music! Her accents and respect for tempi are marvelous. And her artistry is superb. I know Bouder pulls out some " Viengsays" here and there-(extra long balances and stuff like that, which I personally approve, although I'm sure some others wouldn't necessarily like). More to come after intermezzo, but one thing I can tell. She's being extremely cautious with her neck. We know Odette is all about deep cambres and deep penchees. Well...her cambres are very cautious and quite half way through, but I applaud her bravery at doing Swan Lake with such horrible injury.
  21. I'm fresh from having just seen this in Miami, and it is true. Although I might add that , besides the obvious knowledge Hayworth and Astaire had on social dancing, ballroom style, AND the fact that there was an unmatched charm based on the real class and elegance these two had in real life, the ballerinas onstage are in pointes vs Rita's dancing heels, so the movements had to be adapted to the different medium. But I definitely agree....the little nuances, elegant quickness and unique accents on them two on the screen were quite hard to stand up to by the live dancers.
  22. Same here , dear!! 🥰🥰 More thoughts on the production here also. I really enjoy the choreography, pseudo Balanchine and all. The parts where the children show up in the act I waltz and later on during the Polonaise-(goblets dance)- is wonderful. This kids have nothing to envy the much celebrated Russian kids of Paquita's Mazurka. Also, the insertion of the deleted-by-Petipa "Dance of the Corps de Ballet and the Dwarves: Moderato assai, Allegro vivo" for the jester and the three jester kids-(maybe they're meant to be dwarves after all....as originally intended in 1877..?)- is a very happy idea. The dance is very fresh and alive, and the kids are adorable. Echoing the feeling of not needing the now deleted pas de quatre-(which I have seen)- it is understandable that the ballet might become too long, and so many variations in act III would take excitement off from Siegfried and Odile's variations. Plus...as we know, the music came from the deleted-by-Petipa Grand Pas de Six for Siegfried and the princesses, and there's no record of what the whole feeling of the pas was-(I'm sure there was a little story there, mining and all)-, so to present an abridged abstract version of it doesn't seem to add anything to the ballet . I truly love the choreo for the "Reunion pas" in act IV to the "Andante con Moto" from said deleted Grand Pas de six. One can only imagine what on earth happened onstage in 1877 for this grand, brass inflicted symphonic Wagnerian sound to be in that pas with the princesses. The choreo here works perfectly-(I have seen horrible try outs at it, including that film with Rudy and Margot), but I find the passage of a heartbroken Odette and a desperate Siegfried trying to find some resolution really moving. The four maidens/attendants to Odette trying to console her and protect her is a nice touch from the original libretto. Anyhow...back tonight for more.😆
  23. I don't even know have to use IG, but I have an old account. How can I see all this ..? Do I have to follow her to do so....? Is there a link to the drama....?
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