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  1. My photos from the production are here: http://www.austincandids.com/gallery/v/BA/0809/ham/
  2. You've hit on an essential paradox of ballet photography. The art is all about movement, yet the medium is still. Capturing movement in live performances poses significant technical challenges, especially when the light levels are low. It always gives me a thrill to get such images: http://www.austincandids.com/gallery/v/BA/...ageViewsIndex=1
  3. My photographs of Ballet Austin's 2006-2007 season are posted at http://www.austincandids.lunarpages.com/gallery/BA Enjoy! http://www.austincandids.lunarpages.com/ga...set_fullOnly=on http://www.austincandids.lunarpages.com/ga...set_fullOnly=on http://www.austincandids.lunarpages.com/ga..._6119_B1?full=1
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