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  1. Credibility was lost immediately for me when the photo caption did not get the names correct....It is Jonathan Stiles and Laura Bowman...elementary, basic, fact-checking...so how could anything else written be taken as educated and respectable? A review should be a balance between what is seen (concrete evidence) and what the writer interprets (intangible perception). Just as the voice is a means of communication, so are words. There are those that like the sound of their own voice best, but you would hesitate to call it a conversation, as you need someone listening to you for it to be such. There are those who write words to pontificate their opinion, but you would hesitate to call it educated or balanced, so you come away from reading knowing little about the subject, but a great deal about the author. This review is the latter of both points.
  2. adding to the list... Anna Pavlova February 12th (1881) Aquarius Alessandra Ferri May 6th (1963) Taurus and if I may offer a gentle clarification~ Edward Villella was born on October 1st, 1936 which would make him a Libra.
  3. Alessandra Ferri....litheness and strength packaged and very expressive. Transitions from classical to contemporary with effortless ease. She pulls you in...and holds you...
  4. Thanks for letting us know..I find the info. very helpful and some of the thread discussions fascinating; even though I never feel that I have the depth to respond....
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