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  1. watch4mesoon

    ABT in Minneapolis

    alright! well there was only one show so the only cast we saw was: Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes- the company Swan Lake Act II Pas de Deux- Herrera/Saveliev Sinatra Suite- Lane/Cornejo The Green Table- various dancers Drink was a nice ballet, pretty much entirely technique with little emotion added. Swan Lake i was most looking forward to and was disappointed. Paloma danced like there was just air in her head, she just danced..again, no emotion. the same goes for Gennadi Saveliev; no emotion. Sinatra Suite was a nice dance although many around me said that they thought they could have gone back to their studio, had a glass of wine and choreographed the same exact dance Twyla did. oh well, Sarah Lane was just fine, nothing too sparkly or anything and Herman was probably one of my favorite parts. his smoothness and sauve dancing appealed to me...he reaked of the classic Fred Astaire sexiness. The Green Table was very intense and was done well. Death was played by Isaac Stappas and he did very well. even when he walked onstage to bow a second time, you could tell he was cool. that is really the only word i can think of, well that and sexy. lol :blush: overall i was quite disappointed by ABT performance and i almost felt insulted that they didn't want to try their hardest to impress MN. but oh well, i still love the company and will always but i just wish they would have tried harder to show us how amazing i know they are! OH! one more thing.... as i was walking out of the theater i walked right next to David Hallberg!! if he wasn't on his phone and i wasn't dying of shock i would have talked to him. but its still so cool! he was soooo powerful on stage and almost intimidating with his gorgeous lines and jumps. his feet are amazing and i think he knows it....but he was beautiful and i look forward to seeing him dance more!
  2. watch4mesoon

    ABT in Minneapolis

    hey i was just wondering what people thought of ABT when they were just here in MN...i have my thoughts...what are yours?