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  1. Good to hear your individual opinions on the recent performances of MCB's Giselle. Did anyone attend the Sunday matinee in West Palm? I thought both Acts were well danced. Thoughts?
  2. Hi sorry still new at this so I think I posted in correctly. Anyway, my question remains. Do you know the names of the dancers who performed the Grand Pas ? I may have been there for that performance. Thank you
  3. Did you ever find out the names of the Sugarplum and Cavalier from that performance or do you still have your program from that show? I wonder if that was the show I attended. Thanks. I'm interested.
  4. lucky

    ???Im wondering

    In Houston Ballet II, are all of the dancers that are accepted given full-scholarship or only some of them?? Are students accepted into Houston Ballet II also given full-scholarships to their SI too?
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