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  1. I saw them last year at a college campus for a class and I loved them. At first I was skeptical about what I was going to see, but after their first piece I was drawn in and had an excellent time. Even my boyfriend enjoyed it, and he doesn't know much about dance except for what he has seen with me or what I tell him. If you have a chance to see them I recogmend that you do, and that before seeing them do a bit of research on the culture and on what their dancing represents. I saw a presentation about them before we saw them dance and it really helped to clear up what the pieces were about.
  2. I think that it is okay to change the steps so long as you keep with the ideas of the ballet, such as with Gisselle, I think that she should be more "human" in act 1 and more etherial in act 2. I do not however think that choreographers should bring in different genres of dance into a classical or romantic ballet, such as (and this has happened in my home town) hip hop in the Nutcracker. I think that this changes the core of the ballet, and makes it something that it was never intended to be.
  3. I completly agree that nudity is distracting in most cases. In my dance history class we watched two versions of Rite of Spring, and in one, nudity was used, and in the other there was no nudity that I saw. [snip] I think that nudity is more acceptable in modern dance and even in contemporary ballet, but not in classical or romantic ballet, I think that the men are already naked enough in the tights and shirt outfit things and that it may be taking things to far for that to be done. [snip] Moderator's note: Portions including and referring to illegal video links were deleted.
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