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  1. We emigrated to Australia in '56 (I was 2) and I believe that they tried to start a ballet school here but there was not enough interest to cover the costs - unlike today when every mothers little darling has to wear a tutu. However, she did follow the growth of the Australian Ballet and went to any performances by the Royal Ballet when they toured out here and always went back stage to catch up with old friends. Took me along a few times as well. I would be interested in a copy of that review as I don't think we have it. I'll swap you - I can scan and email a few press clippings relating t
  2. Jane, my Mother was named Palma because she was born on Palm Sunday and that is how it is pronounced. I do have that Merlyn Severn book and have just bought another one via Biblio.com for my brother. Yes I think her part in the Three Cornered Hat was one of her more notable roles - at least according to some fan mail I discovered. She danced many character parts and toured with the company to New York, Paris and Holland (interesting story of evacuation during the war there). Unfortunately I'm no expert on ballet so I'm studying up on this period late in life, I should have done it while Mum
  3. Lolly' Very interesting, ...... my mother Palma Nye features in that book. I have just started researching my family history and have a chestfull of Palmas ballet memorabillia from her time with The Sadlers Wells ballet in the 30's through to the 50's going right back to dance classes as a little girl. I remember as a child meeting Robert Helpman , Ray Powel, Joy Newton etc. I have several programs from that period and books as well but not the one you mention. If you or anyone else knows of a copy for sale or programs etc. please let me know. Any help with that period of English Ballet
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