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  1. For anybody on Instagram, ANB has been posting about each new hire, as well as what rank they were hired as (second company, apprentice, corps/soloist/principal). I assume the company is waiting to fill the company roster on their website until all their dancers are set in stone, so Instagram seems to be the only way to see their current dancers for now. As a very recently retired professional ballet dancer, I've been following with much interest, as I know dancers being hired as well as their new ballet master (who skews toward very contemporary choreography).
  2. Gisele was actually offered a contract to ABT Studio Company after winning junior division gold in the USA International Ballet Competition when she was just 15 (2014). She actually chose to defer the contract so she could keep training at home for another year and finish high school. So, theoretically, she could have progressed more quickly than she actually has if she had joined the company immediately upon invitation. I think she's a beautiful and confident dancer, and her decision to defer (while maybe "crazy" to some) actually shows a certain level of great maturity for a then-15 year old. Best of luck to her!
  3. Just to clarify...Madison took second prize, but she's currently dancing with Houston Ballet II. I think they have a bit of time before they announce what scholarships/apprenticeships they may be taking. Loved Laura Fernandez! It's wonderful to see dancers return to the Prix for a second year and do so well!
  4. Principal casting is on Boston Ballet's website. Jillian was given performances of Sugar Plum and Dew Drop during their Nutcracker run.
  5. [Admin note: this thread originally was started by pherank in the San Francisco Ballet forum to note Macaulay's inclusion of SFB's San Francisco Ballet's Vanessa Zahorian and Sarah Van Patten in his article All American Goddesses. It soon morphed into a discussion of Macaulay's article, which has been moved here. All references to where the discussion should take place have been removed] I've actually been following the backlash to this article, as Jock Soto shared some anger over this on his facebook page (which is public, for anyone wishing to see). "Dear Alastair Macaulay, if you are going to write about great ballerinas, can you do so without insulting them? Also if you knew what these ballerinas do to become themselves then why don't you put on a pair of Pointe shoes for the next twenty years. It's time for the NY Times to fire you. Have a nice day." and "P.s. Mr. Macaulay. There is no such thing as a part time ballerina. But then again I thought you knew that!" While I do believe the ballerinas he highlighted are worthy of their praise (thrilled to see Ballet Arizona and Jillian Barrell get some recognition) he certainly did leave out other deserving dancers, and definitely made some confusing points. There are pros and cons within all editorials though, I suppose.
  6. Out of curiosity, and also because of my great desire to visit Puerto Rico, I'm wanting to know any information regarding the National Ballet Theater of Puerto Rico. I only recently realized that there is a major ballet company there and they seem to have no website. Does anyone know anything about this company at all? Dancers? Demographics? Repertoire? Thanks!
  7. So this post may be a bit of a stretch, but I thought it couldn't hurt to try my luck. For one of my college courses in the history of Mexico, I have to write a research paper. My professor turned down my first topic idea, and instead fused my two college majors (ballet performance and Spanish) and decided I should write about the history of dance in mexico, particularly ballet folklorico. His requirements state that we have at least three book sources and three articles. My problem is [/i]finding these sources. I was going to check both the university's main library as well as the fine arts library for books, but articles seem to be the most difficult. I thought maybe DANCE Magazine has run an article on ballet folklorico? Is there a way to do a search for that? (I only have about half of my DANCE Magazines with me at college, the rest are at home). Furthermore, online searches are difficult, as most of my results are companies, not research materials. If anyone knows of any sources, book or otherwise, or even just a good place to start, I would be much obliged!!
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