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  1. WDCBteacher

    Jesus Pastor

    Jesus last year went back to Spain and performed with Victor Ullate as guest artist in Coppelia, they did many performances in Madrid, now he choreographed a performance and he is dancing with Marta (I think is her name) also former Victor Ullate and ABT dancer. They are doing performances in Spain. Now if he goes with Angel's company I am not sure but I can ask my friends about it! Hope this helped!
  2. WDCBteacher

    ABT in the 60's

    Thank you Victoria!!!!! for sharing with everyone your ABT experience . I think it's amazing how this company developed through the relative short live, (If you compare with Paris Opera, Bolshoi Ballet, etc.) Obviously was a moment very special for all of you and for the American Ballet. I love to hear about this kind of experiences! Happy Thanksgiving WEEK!!!!!!!!!