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  1. Any comments about the performances of this years NYCB Nutcracker. Can you really see any individuality from one year to the next?
  2. Did anyone see Tuesday nights 12/18 performance with Robert Fairchild as the Cavelier. He was terrific, masculine and danced better than I thought he would. I saw him in Romeo and was surprised how strong and was not sure he was ready to be the Cavelier, but I thought he was great. And Sterling was a dream. The two of them float together. This is my 3rd time this year, but the party scene seemed a bit off, maybe it was my seat all the way in the back, or maybe the kids are just tired after such a long run. Although the charming naughty smile on the little boy (Jonathan Alexander) that danced Fritz was wonderful. I think I have hit my limit for Nutcracker this year
  3. did anyone see the open dress rehearsal today for R+J? i didnt have the opportunity to wait online for tickets, but think the idea is great. it sounds like an exciting production, with a Peter Martins touch. looking forward to everyone's thoughts.
  4. Thanks Flipsy, I find the party scene chaotic, but fascinating. So true that everyone has their own agendas, and have found that the more I see Balanchines version the more I watch each part separately, but also see it as each dependent on each other with Fritz being the important ribbon that weaves the party scene together. By the way the little boy who played Fritz: Jonathan Alexander, was terrific. Not only cute but his movements and facial expressions seemed as if he was really plotting "what can I do next", and not just practiced steps.
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